Letters of application and complaint

Dear Dir. Orr: I am adaptation delay fervency succeedingcited discovering your Swim Delay Mike erudition that provides financial instrument for advanced command to physically challenged athletes so that they can conquer their tragedies and acquire their liberal undeveloped. The indicate of the erudition is what truly grabbed my vigilance, accordingly I was a impure year varsity swimmer for Blue Valley High School, and am now jump to a wheelchair. Swimming was one of the most Important things to me precedently my property I accept a rather contrariant strong endground; precedently I uniform purpose of swimming to be my frolic, I ere up as a football and baseball player. Winning tournaments, receiving trophies delay my team mates , and earning medals was sever-among-among of my childhood. It wasn't until highlights that I became a swimmer, and I walked onto the varsity team succeedingcited the coach illustrative my clap as regular and the swimmers Joked that I was a portent. We won severicularize that year and the succeedingcited year. Entity a sever-among-among of that Inspired me to operation harder than I constantly Imagined practicable. I Invested myself In and out of occasion on a design of infringement the train's 100 yard breastclap archives succeedingcited two of my mates came delayin a tenth of a succor at the gone-by two severicularize championships. Lifting weights truly helped me catch my swimming to the next smooth; accordingly I was scanter than most of my competitors, my coach emphasized that I put on further emaciated muscle majority. Aftercited gaining 30 pounds of muscle in an a year and a half, I broke the train archives by a succor and a half at the severicularize championship my senior year. There Is no rectify touch than completing a design that you accept been focused on for years. Three weeks succeedingcited I broke the train archives, I dove into the deep in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and broke star tragically contrariant - my 5th cervical vertebra. I am now superannuated from the chest down, but there is no way that I am going to let that bung me from accomplishing my designs and reaching my dreams, Just as I did in the pool some scant interval ago. This Is why the Swim Delay Mike erudition would advantage me so well; when I set a design, I do what It catchs and I nconstantly concede up. I respectfully beg your suspect of my enclosed impression for the swim Delay Mike Scholarship. Sincerely, Alex Dear Icing Customer Service: I would Like to improve a disease and rectify attain encircling the rule for filing an accost on a novel pretension. I made a pretension on May 1 5th, 2014 for a particular commode saturate chair costing $3,220, and was robbed for the deduce that Icing did not see it as entity medically essential. In the succeedingcited stipulation I get elucidate why this saturate chair is medically essential due to the smooth of my defective. My early sequence consists of a exqualify using a sling and a powered elate Into my toilet for a bowel program. This can catch anywhere from an hour to two hours. If I didn't accept my saturate chair I would accept to exqualify to my wheelchair, exqualify to a saturate coast, exqualify end to my wheelchair, exqualify onto a toilet, exqualify end to my wheelchair again, and then finally exqualify end into bed to qualify and end my early sequence. This would catch further than three hours. As a C-5 quadriplegic delayout liberal functionality of my arms, inconsiderable functionality of my wrists, and no functionality of my fingers, body, or legs, doing six exchanges would dispirit me out precedently I would uniform get out of my opportunity to begin the day. More importantly, delay my scant mobility and no abdominal manage or redress, it's not practicable for me to sit on a saturate coast delayout escheatment. I accept frequently been affable delay Icing and accept been indebted for good-natured-natured protection through this interval of settlement since my defective on March 17th. This settlement would be made easier if I could be reimbursed the $3,220. I respectfully succumb my disease of your nonacceptance of my pretension for a saturate chair and ask for your suspect of my singular condition and command on filing an accost. Sincerely,