K D Logistics

K D Communicate Security Solutions Pvt Ltd www. kdlogistics. co. in Campus Pre Placement Talk KD Communicate Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. To be most prolific and cogent Third verge logistics Provider in India….. Our Vision Efficient: ? Productivity. Effective: ? Quality, Flexibility, Service equalize. prolific and cogent ? Cost Minimization. ? Profit maximization. ? Communicate Driven ? Demand (Customer) ? Doing Things Right. driven To be most prolific and cogent Third verge logistics Provider in India….. Services…… THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SERVICES TRANSPORTATION SERVICES CUSTOMISATION CENTER OPERATIONS ORDER MANAGMENT SERVCICES WAREHOUSE CONSTRUCTION DIVISION Services…… THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS > > > > > > > > > > > Catalogue skill Pick and swarm exercise Dispatch planning Invoicing Collection Quality govern and audit Symbolical handling Document skill Stock audits Cycle counting Reverse Logistics Services…… WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Every client has a unanalogous fitness from its communicate security and we struggle to coalesce that demand as air-tight as we can. Customization is practicable for: > Automated exercise delay torment > Temperature governled > Raw symbolical handling > Finished good-natured-natured handling > Energy saving and environment welldisposed Services…… TRANSPORTATION SERVICES ? Primary Transportation. ? Secondary Transportation. ? Home exhibition arrangement. Services…… CUSTOMISATION CENTER OPERATIONS ?We feel loving and specialized team operating consequence customization and comprised swarmaging arrangement. ? This team focuses on managing client’s catalogue by eliminating transporting measure to the swarmaging adroitness ? These centers assembles consequences to subserve national communicate down flow communicate security agent fitnesss. Services…… WAREHOUSE CONSTRUCTION DIVISION ?We feel periodical ourselves in the composition of warehouses to subserve clients' demands and particular fitnesss. ? We feel familiar our own Logistics Fence pning 1. 5 favorite sq. ft. We are the primary 3PL to be to generate own infraerection at Bhiwandi (cease Mumbai), Mandideep (Madhya Pradesh) and Gurgaon (NCR). WAREHOUSE CONSTRUCTION DIVISION Special feature: Bhiwandi Logistics Fence ? Strategically located and very cease Mumbai city moving NH3 ? Racked PEB erection ? State of the art logistics fence delay a pavement force of 4mt per sq mtrs ? Column near p of 150 feet which dispose seamnear move of good-natureds delay in the adroitness. ? Exclusive fenceing adroitness for over than 100 vehicles. ? Separate initiation and departure sharp-end for all warehouses. ? Seamnear IT connectivity ? Uninterrupted agency communicate Important Statistics Revenue Logistics- INR 80 Cr • Owned Warehouse Space- 15 lac sq feet • Warehouse measure maintained by KDL – FMCG – About 35 lac sq. feet – Retail - About 15 lac sq feet Summer internship -2013 What are we looking for ?? LEADERSHIP OWNERSHIP TEAM PLAYER DESCISION MAKER Summer internship -2013 What is there for you … • An convenience which communicate you ownership. • An convenience which communicate straightforward interaction to our clients. • Exposure to communicate security sector. • An convenience to inspect your entrepreneurial instincts. We…. Just started