How Regional Integration and Globalisation Affects Abu Dhabi

The UAE in the Global Dealing Environment (ECON 605) Fall 2012 Dr. Fernando Zanella / f. [email protected] ac. ae Brief passage patronymic Deeper global economic integration is a key strategic view for the UAE and is seen as a catalyst AE’s sustainconducive economic harvest. This passage obtain procure wards after a while an in profundity brains of how interpolitical dealing issues seek the UAE and how the UAE is poseing itself in the global administration. The passage obtain procure a apparent frameachievement for brains the regularity of globalisation, interpolitical transactions, financial issues, global trends and their apprehension for UAE organisations. Learning objectives 1. To conceive the avail of globalisation, and evaluate the opportunities and threats for the UAE 2. To conceive the regularity of economic integration through examining interpolitical dealing and cannonade 3. To test the role of regional integration in the interpolitical dealing environment 4. To identify the key strategic sectors of the UAE administration which are driving the UAE’s global integration 5. To critically analyse vulgar interpolitical dealing and economic events in relative to the UAE 6. To conceive how synod management can mature or above economic integration Learning methodology Students are encouraged to portioicipate: 1. Lectures 2. Fact consider and catechism decompose 3. Bunch achievement total solving 4. Class debateions 5. Written newss 6. Presentations and equal evaluation Passage debateion times Sundays and Tuesdays 05:30-09:30 pm Passage passagebook Griffin, R. W. and M. W. Pustay (2010). Interpolitical Dealing (6th ed. ). USA: Pearson Passage Materials buttress Dr. Emilie Rutledge Resume of passage subject-matters Sessions| References| 1| The UAE in the global administration| | Portio 1: Globalisation and Interpolitical dispensesPart 2: The UAE in the global administration| Nursing Dissertation material: Griffin & Pustay: C1 & C2| 2| The UAE in the global dealing environment| | | Portio 1: National competitive habit in a globalised worldPart 2: Strategic planning in the UAE – SWOT framework| Nursing Dissertation material:Griffin & Pustay: C6 & C11| 3| The UAE – a extremely disclosed administration| | | Portio 1: Interpolitical dealing theoriesPart 2: A consider of UAE dealing and dealing management| Nursing Dissertation material: Griffin $ Pustay: C6 & C9| 4| Foreign Investment| | Portio 1: Foreign cannonade theoriesPart 2: Foreign cannonade, efficacious abundance and modification| Nursing Dissertation material: Griffin & Pustay: C6| 5| Interpolitical issues in currency and finance| | | Portio 1: Exchange rebuke issuesPart 2: The financial services sector in the UAE| Nursing Dissertation material: Griffin & Pustay C8| 6| Regional economic integration| | | Portio 1: The assumption of regional economic integration, global experiences and dealing blocsPart 2: The GCC economic compact and the low dispense| Nursing Dissertation material: Griffin & Pustay: C10| | Deadline for Dealing Report| | | UAE Strategic Economic Sectors – Bunch Presentations and debateions| | | | | 8| Ultimate Exam| | Bunch grant (30% ): During the ultimate week of the passage bunchs obtain be asked to establish a grant. Students obtain pick-out a strategic sector of the UAE administration and debate the implications of globalisation for this sector and use an analytical frameachievement debateed during the passage to analyse its strategic pose interpolitically (e. g. SWOT decomposition). Each ward in the bunch should offer, the grant should be no less than 12 slides and no over than 20 in elongation. You should inaugurate achievement on your bunch grant from the promote week off the passage. Bunch achievement and debateion sessions (20%): During the passage there obtain be bunch achievement and debateions. Following the Nursing Dissertation and fact studies, wards obtain for prompting be abandoned a feature economic scenario which they debate/brainstorm as a bunch. During these sessions the professor obtain reference and assess singular ward competition in the bunch. You obtain be abandoned feedback your bunch achievement and your silence from 20% at the end of the third week of the passage. Dealing News (20%): The subject-matter of the dealing news is how regional integration and globalisation seeks your organisation which employs you (or how it potentiality do so in forthcoming if it does not do so significantly already). The dealing news should be environing 9 pages in elongation, its format should be as follows: 1. Cover-title page (1 page); 2. Resume (1 page) : a brief paragraph; 3. Tconducive of interruption (1 page) 4. Introduction (1 page) - explaining the feature aspects of regional or interpolitical economic integration which seeks the dealing or perseverance you achievement in. 5. Background (1 pages) - an overview describing the dealing or service where you achievement. 6. Decompose (2 pages) – Explain in point using a SWOT decompose how aspects of economic integration seek the dealing you achievement in. 7. Conclusion resume (1 page) – deep definite points and prospects for your dealing in digestible of your findings. 8. References, postscript, silence-maker – if any (1 page). Final exam (30%): The ultimate exam obtain pause of brief defense questions. The brief defense questions obtain be disclosed ended/fact consider questions, where you obtain be conducive to pick-out from a sum of questions and debate a fact consider or subject-matter which we keep focused on during one of the sessions. All disclosed ended exam questions and essay/fact consider questions obtain be drawn from the Nursing Dissertations, bunch exercises and fact studies we keep completed during lessons. Further points of the ultimate exam obtain be debateed foregoing to the exam. Academic justice and probity Each ward is expected to do his/her own achievement for singular dealing r exam. Asking questions and debateing ideas after a while your colleagues is acceptconducive news as portio of your passagework, but caricaturing the achievement of another or submitting same achievement is not. The dealing news should as-well be your own primary achievement. Whilst it is, of passage, acceptconducive to regard other achievements, it is silence to portraiture and paste capacious amounts of passage from fount on the internet. If you portraiture signal for signal you must use citation silences and fit referencing. Bunch achievement on the grant assumes you are achievementing concertedly and that you are contributing largely to your bunch’s achievement. Please silence that as a constituent of your bunch you are expected to be knowledgeconducive environing all aspects of your bunchs’ output. During the ultimate exam, any ward who cheats or assists another ward in imposture obtain miscarry the passage. The fact obtain as-well be forwarded to the Academic Affairs for disciplinary exercise. All UAEU academic policies dedicate in this reference.