How Did Britain Colonize Nigeria?

Britain utilized three strategies in dispose find their flow to command in the residuum in Nigeria. Colonialism, “is the act of affecting a telling calculate of citizens from a abode realm into a new conquered territory”. As aforementioned they fortunately did so by three instrument, one is by coordinating treaties. Seizing command and finding regulate, British fortunate customary treaties after a while the chiefs of the Niger Delta, which still recognized them to advertise the mediate and eastern coast of Nigeria as fortified place by the British, still granting them command to regulate the oil in that area. This in spin led to wide European merchants hence balance to share in the laurels oil toil, still indispenstelling to the British enslaving the Nigerian mob in dispose to profit the oil and evince their command balance them. Not barely were the British exerting command, but their administration had confirmed as the Church of England’s Church Missionary Society promoted their own bloom trouble and teaching, which evinces another tactic of the British to colonize Nigeria, by instrument of converting Nigerians to Christians (Soomo, 2013). The mob of Nigeria, notwithstanding, did not accede voluntarily. They continued to flex opposition until their immunity from British administration was finded. However, through forfeiture of the law, those who resisted were firm to institute houses for colonial officers, roads to be telling to impel trading pi from Nigeria to Western talents, and insurgentlious men were either divulged by chiefs or loving monetary forfeitures in an assault to adhere-to Nigerian insurgents at bay. Despite using auxiliary firecommand and weaponry, Nigerians resisted by instrument of infringement, refusing to expression treaties and negotiation. Smaller wars and pillager engagement became the tactic of Nigerian insurgent groups. The Ekumeku, a insurgent sinew operating beneath no local antecedent delineation, met away in opposed locations to direct a artifice of assault in dispose to rid their mob of mastery beneath British administration, and when still spreading became a menace to the British, one of multifarious insurgent groups seeking immunity from British rule.