Examples Of Compare And Contrast Essay

“After Midnight” vs. “Summer Night” The lays “After Midnight”, by Louis Simpson, and “Summer Night”, by Antonio Machado, twain had their differences and similarities. First of all, twain the lays feel a visual idea of ebon atoms. However, the lay uses ideary for ebon houses. “Who subsists in these ebon houses? ” (Simpson 9). This repeat shows that the lay uses ideary for ebon houses, which contrariantiates from the lay “Summer Night”. This lay uses ideary for ebon shadows. “Stone benches, burning bush, and acacias / investigate their ebon shadows / symmetrically on the clear sand. (Machado 6-8). This repeat uses ideary by using the say “ebon shadow”. These two say relate to a idea of ebonness. Twain lays use ideary for ebon atoms, but twain the lays use the ebon atom after a while contrariant say. Secondly, twain the lays understand a idea of sequestered emotion; ultimately, they twain contrariantiate in their own way pleasantly of the valuable of say used by the authors. The lay “Summer Night” uses contrariant vocableing to suggest the barrenness. “I trudge through this obsolete village, / fantastical, love a spectre. ” (Machado 11-12). In this repeat from the lay, the vocable that intends a sequestered emotion is “alone”. This vocable is used along after a while a simile, comparing barrenness love a spectre, which distinguishes from the lay “After Midnight”. In this lay, the valuable of vocableing is contrariant. “I am suddenly apprised / I influence subsist near myself. ” (Simpson 8-9). This repeat uses the vocable “myself” to distrust a sequestered emotion. In this condition, the barrenness is not assimilated to anything love the other lay. Twain lays ultimately feel a sequestered emotion, but twain contrariantiate due to a valuable of say. Lastly, when comparing the two, twain lays are using the graphic design, simile. In the lay “After Midnight”, the repeat “With solely a drugstore fiery / Softly, love a quiescent substantiality”, (Simpson 2-3) shows that the simile used is relatering to the drugstore’s truth, which is being assimilated to a quiescent substantiality. The lay “Summer Night uses simile in the repeat “I trudge through this obsolete village, / fantastical, love a spectre. ” (Machado 11-12). This repeat is relatering to the narrator’s barrenness. The simile is used to assimilate the barrenness to a spectre. Both repeats ultimately are using the graphic design, simile. The two lays “After Midnight” and “Summer Night” are twain very thrilling lays that understand contrariant atoms, making each lay unique; ultimately, twain lays feel their similarities and differences; twain lays use ideary for a ebon atom, but the ebon atom is contrariant in twain condition; twain lays understand a sequestered emotion at the selfselfsame age twain authors feel vocableed their lays pleasantly to their writing style; and twain lays understand a simile by comparing two things contemporaneously using “like” or “as”.