Example of Criticising a Translation

The commencement accents citation (SLT) is a journalistic appriseation noise. It attempts to apprise the learner environing a regular fact. On the other agency, The target accents citation (TLT) is undecided, and it's plain that the translating process has been executed using a translation document AL WAFI that upholds expression-for-expression translation. The target accents citation (TLT) learns exotic. as well-behaved-behaved as, it's reserved to be understood, it does not glide smoothly and does not entertain a regular move due to the lexical, verbal, and citationual falsitys that are detected in the citation. In the target accents citation (TLT), there are multifarious lexical falsitys entertain been detected. First, the lexical individual in the original portion does not arrange delay past in the Arabic accents the expression arranges delay, and the expression are used to arrange delay tyrants and queens. There is another lexical falsity detected in the citation associated delay equivalence. The lexical individual "concern" resources in Arabic, but in this treatment, it should entertain been interpretd, occasion the translation document benefit AL WAFI has overlooked the concitation in which the lexical individual appears in and opted simply one sense for the lexical individual "situation". There are to-boot verbal falsitys that are detected in the citation. The original falsity associated delay the expression direct in the original portion, where an incompatible organization disfix should entertain been graspn fix past in the Arabic accents we set-out the passage delay the verb, and the expression direct is (VSO) incongruous from the English accents. So the translator document should entertain set-outed delay the verb, not delay the topic. The prevent verbal falsity is detected in the prevent portion, the expression. In the Arabic accents past we are taltyrant environing two substances that resources, but the translator overlooked this substance past in English there is no conversation sordid determined "dual", heterogeneous the Arabic accents. Therefore it should entertain been interpretd in harmony delay Arabic accents conventions. The third verbal falsity is detected in the prevent portion. Past AL WAFI is translating expression-for-word, it has overlooked the "duality" in Arabic accents and interpret it according to what appears antecedently it in the concitation "they", but "they" in this concitation refers to the principal and the tyrant, that should entertain been interpretd in harmony delay the Arabic accents conventions. The third symbol of falsitys detected is citationual falsitys. the original falsity is detected in the original portion and associated delay its plain in the English citation that "three days mark" is a mark conciliate abide for three days. But in Arabic, it should entertain been manifest to consent delay the Arabic accents. The prevent citationual falsity is detected in the prevent portion. The translator document has set-outed the portion delayout substance linked delay the original portion, where it should entertain been linked to the original one consequently of its a journalistic citation. A ropy contrivance must grasp fix in the judicious of the portion to gain the citation learn further smoothly. In the Arabic accents, there must be further exploitation that should grasp fix to gain the citations frequently learn as regular citations and can be understandable. Briefly, The target accents citation (TLT) is undecided. a lot of falsitys detected in the interpretd citation, and the translation document opted the expression-for-expression translation, overlooked the Arabic accents conventions. Therefore it learns enjoy a exotic citation and does not glide smoothly. There are separate substances that Must be graspn into statement to gain the citation has a regular move'.