Essay Summary of The Secret Garden

St. Andrew’s School La Huerta, Pque City [pic] [pic] Prepared by: Bianca Mae Gavina Prepared for: Sir. Angelo Esarda I. Characters: Protagonist: Mary Lennox  -  One of the novel's two protagonists, Mary Lennox is a ten-year-old virgin who, following the failure of her parents in India, is sent to subsist following a while her uncle in Yorkshire, England. She evolves from a robbed, unloved and averse brute to a virgin who is bountiful of apparition and wrapt by acquaintances. She begins the compass as its mediate cast. Colin Craven  -  The other of the novel's protagonists, Colin Craven is Archibald Craven's ten-year-old son and heir. He was born shortly following the failure of his dowager, and his father could not suffer to contempdelayed at him owing of his semblance to her. Colin's branchhood has been totally bedridden, and his servants frequent been commanded to yield his full pursuit. As a upshot, Colin is noticeablely dictatorial and contemptibleplace. Dickon Sowerby  -  Dickon is alternately illustrative as "a contemptible moor boy" and "a Yorkshire angel"; he is twain. Two years older than Colin and Mary, Dickon has subsistd on Missel Moor his perfect conduct, and has a uniquely exact intercommunity following a while the establish. He has sanguine cheeks, rude curly hair, and cerulean-colored-colored eyes clearly the identical varnish as the sky aggravate the moor; he plain carries a set of pan-pipes. He has the authority to allurement twain animals and individuals: all the brutes who conclude cease to him are immediately domesticated, and he counts a fox, a whistle, and two untamed squirrels unarranged his pets. He is the copy of Martha and the son of Susan. Martha Sowerby  -  Mary's acquaintance and maidservant, Martha is celebrated by her allurementing honesty and levelheaded way to all aspects of conduct. Her artlessness and leniency are a noticeable succor to Mary upon the latter's aspect at Misselthwaite. In her very ordinariness, Martha represents the urbanity of all the individuals of Yorkshire. Ben Weatherstaff  -  Ben Weatherstaff is a rude olden pastureer who is barely gratuitous to alight at Misselthwaite owing he was a favorite of the delayed Mistress Craven. He introduces Mary to the robin redbreast, and succors the result frequent the unrecognized of the pasture. Ben himself clandestinely tended the pasture during the ten years in which it was locked, out of charity and allegiance for the Mistress Craven. Although he is rather rude, Ben's superfluous leniency is essential to his cast. Archibald Craven  -  The overpower of Misselthwaite Manor, who suffers from a awry spine and open ill bloom. He has been in a crushing valley always past the failure of his helpmate. Archibald spends most of his span abroad, past he wants to see neither his branch nor his son, Colin, owing these remind him of his delayed helpmate. Susan Sowerby  -  The dowager of Martha and Dickon (as well-mannered-mannered as of twelve other result), Susan Sowerby functions as a office for the concept of dowagerhood itself. She is all-nurturing, infallible, and appears adept in a hooded cerulean-colored-colored mask enjoy that of the Christian Virgin Mary (the dowager of Jesus Christ). Twain Mary and Colin direct the desire that she were their dowager; stories of her support each of them antecedently their relative transformations. Mrs. Medlock  -  The section of the servants at Misselthwaite Manor, Mrs. Medlock is celebrated by her over-scrupulous subservience of all of Overpower Craven's odd rules. Beneath her exact outward, she, enjoy all the individuals of Yorkshire, is basically husk. She and Susan Sowerby were acquaintances in their irlhood. Dr. Craven -  Archibald's copy and Colin's uncle, he tends to Colin during the latter's illness. He is a bit stuffy and forward, and twain Colin and Mary laugh at him at full opening. Illustrative as a diluted man, he half-hopes for Colin's failure so that he ability enjoy Misselthwaite II. Setting The romance of “The Unrecognized Garden” was happened in India and Misselthwaite Manor, in England. III. Summary Mary Lennox subsists following a while her opulent parents in India. No one has always veritably cared for her; scarcely anyone knows she is plain there. One day a cholera communicated breaks out and approximately fullone dies. Mary hides in the plantation and when she wakes up the proximate early, there is no one left. She is sent to Engestablish where her uncle, Archibald Craven, subsists. A mother designated Medlock is sent to assume her to the manor. Normally the 500 year old Misselthwaite Manor on the Yorkshire moors isn’t a establish for a branch to amplify up. There are environing a thousand opportunitys, hundreds locked, so no one can go in. There is a big obscurity environing a unrecognized pasture that had been locked up ten years ago. A boyish branchmaid designated Martha has to contempdelayed following Mary. Earliest Mary doesn’t enjoy her fur, but owing Martha is so finished and laughable she before-long starts relish her. Martha gives her a skipping rope, so Mary can play in the frequent pastures of Misslethwaite Manor. In the pastures she meets Ben Weatherstaff, an old pastureer, and his robin. The robin becomes Mary’s earliest acquaintance. He shows her the key to the unrecognized pasture and so the door unrecognized inferior dense ivy. As before-long as she enters the pasture, it becomes her own pigmy cabalistic earth. One day she hears cries and contemplates for the individual. It isn’t the earliest span she has heard it, but full span she wanted to contempdelayed triton stopped her and gave her some explication. In a opportunity following a tapestry she finds a boy, Colin Craven, her cousin. He can’t stalk nor exist up, and fullbody thinks that he’s going to die. His father has nalways wanted to see him owing he’s so opposed from his dull dowager. Following a while Dickon, Martha’s copy, and Mary he goes into the unrecognized pasture in a husk of a rotate chair, and learns to stalk. They all say its “Magic” that made all these wonders possible: Colin’s stalking, Mary’s exexchange into a finished virgin and her joy in the unrecognized pasture. IV. Problem