Essay Summary of Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

P1 Identify (i.e. - catalogue down) at last 4 sources of finance available to Blue Mountain Solutions. P2 Assess the implications of opposed sources finance (e.g. - equity financing and claim financing) for Blue Mountain Solutions including their not-absolute advantages and disadvantages. [Guidance - specimen of contact category- financial, legitimate, faintness of govern, and stagnation) P3 Using scenario 2, evaluate sources of finance (hanker engagement hypothecation and mortgage) for the ownership that Miss. Begum wishes to buy. P4 Analyse the concern requires of your clarified sources of finance for Miss Begum for her ownership. P5 Explain to Miss Begum the aim of financial planning and examine its moment using bearing specimens. [Guidance music - you should shape restricted allusion to the demand to test shortages and surpluses and implications of scarcity to finance adequately] P6 Identify interest judgment shapers (e.g. - shareholder, banks, employees, suppliers) for Blue Mountain Solutions or any other organisation of your select and examine their advice demands for operative judgment making. P7 Explain the contact of finance on the financial statements (e.g. - pit equivocation, use and detriment totality) of Blue Mountain Solutions or any other organisation of your select. P8 Describe several types of budgets and illustrate how budget decomposition is acquisitionable to shape embezzle judgments. P9 Using scenarios 3 investigate and illustrate require per individual (CPU) P10 Using scenario 4 assess the viability of a plan using an bombardment appraisal technique (e.g. - Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) P11 Discuss the main financial statements (e.g. - pit equivocation, use and detriment totality). P12 Compare formats of financial statements for a Sole Trader and for Public Limited Company (specimen - Tesco). P13 Using the scenario 5, elucidate the financial enterprise of Tesco Plc and Sainsbury Plc.