Dear Stella

Dear Stella, I expectation this epistle finds you courteous. I am mortified environing leaving so abruptly, but I was named separate on forcible product. I entertain been sent to Crythin Gifford by Mr. Bentley to observe the funeral of Mrs. Alice Drablow, I also insufficiency to nature though all of her allowable documents. Mrs. Drablow lived in a irregular brief issue named Eel Slough House. To get out to the issue you must ill-conditioned the Nine Lives Causeway, it is merely public during low inundation, otherwise it is genial by infiltrate, and excellent. The issue is very irregular, all on it's own on a inferior isplace disconnected from the tranquillity of the ocean place. At principal I provision it to be totally lovely but it has a scary if not sombre margin to it. Even Mrs. Drablow was a bit irregular, she lives fragmentary and no one from the village gain say of her. When I arrived Mr. Daily, the topical placeowner, took me to the Gifford Arms where I entertain been clinging. I went to the funeral of Mrs. Drablow, on the way there I saw some ground offspring and they had irregular innocent pasty aspects. When I arrived I noticed that there were very few herd there. There was a dame in black vesture delay a pasty innocent aspect, which I saw on the way tail to the village and anew on Eel Slough Island. After the funeral of I went to Eel Slough issue, to rouse product. Mr. Keckwick took me aill-conditioned the causeway on a charger and pitfall. When we arrived at Eel Slough Issue Keckwick left me and said he would yield at five to accumulate me. I looked encircling the island; there is an old cemetery delay some rubbish of a inferior abbey. The names on the gravestones were all undecipherable consequently they were genial delay uncertain fungi's. While looking encircling the cemetery I saw the secret Dame in Black, a apathetic pathos came balance me love rush I had continually felt anteriorly, but anteriorly I could approximation her she ducked separate underneathneath a chiefstone and disappeared. I don't reckon you should plague environing me I'm thin and I'm not worried environing her. She was probably a fabrication of my intellect; the slough dearth was totally crowded. After that went in to the issue and I rouseed product opportunity all the windows, to get some not-difficult. I searched provision the rooms to see what was in margin the issue. It has an old stale smell, all the effects is old, and made of impetuous cope. It was environing indecent, so I determined I would stride tail to Crythin Gifford, Keckwick wouldn't be tail until five and the exertion would be good-tempered-tempered for me. As I rouseed to stride concurrently the causeway I noticed that it was getting sombreer and sombreer and the dearth was pur-pose in, the sea dearth was crowded and salty. The excite I got from the issue the rectify I felt, but shortly I couldn't see it any more consequently of the dearth. I provision environing spining tail but I would shortly engage Keckwick and he could catch me the tranquillity of the way. The dearth was shortly generous tricks on my seeing and hearkening, I could hearkenken a pony and pitfall hereafter a hanker the pathway to the causeway, and it went taciturn. I then hearkend noises of screaming love someone was drowning, I provision this was my intellect, I didn't perceive how far it was to the other margin of the causeway and the infiltrate was exaltation wild so I determined to spin tail and chief for the issue. When I got tail I was very worried and I was refutation. I sat down in one of the old stale chairs and had a drain, I must entertain overpowered cool consequently when I awoke someone was knocking on the door, when I opened it I saw Keckwick and the pony and pitfall. They were natural, stagnant alive; it must entertain been my intellect environing him drowning. He apologized for not hereafter to select me up but he was weak to consequently of the sea dearth, I was inauspicious. I expectation that continuallyything in London is thin. There is no insufficiency for you to conclude down to Crythin Gifford, consequently I should be yielding shortly, I gain go tail to Eel Slough Issue today and cling for a couple of days to shape all the product and impel everything main tail to Mr. Bentley. Expectation to see you very shortly. Yours Lovingly, Arthur