Choledocholithiasis is one sordid illness in sordid bile duct. It defined as stones establish it in biliary tree by usually formed in ashes bladder. The bile drainage from ashes bladder through the bile duct to the domestic. The location of ashes bladder is beneath the liver and the pattern of it is approve a pear. The establish of these stones either cling in ashes bladder or go to sordid bile duct. The enduring who has this illness, may arrive-at one or some of these token approve; abdominal denial which precisely felt in intermediate or fit excellent abdomen, broil or jaundice (moderation yellowish falsification in eye and husk). Also, dropping desire, disgust, vomiting or remains falsificationed stools. ) Healthline, 2016) So, this proviso diagnosed and negotiateed by ERCP. ERCP continues for endoscopic delaydraw cholangiopancreatrography. The restriction of ERCP is a unweighty agency manufactured by the schoolman to weigh biliary tree delay instil unthoughtfuled tube which denominated endoscope, so it is establishd in assist sunder of duodenum precisely in ampulla through the hole into esophagus and stomach. The bigness of endooccasion is correspondent to abjuration finger bigness. At the seat of endooccasion in ampulla, the cannula passes through the endooccasion and into this hollow delay injected opposture resources and the fluoroscopy smitten by the radiographer to consider the sordid bile duct. (Suissa et al., 2018) (Turk, 2011) Fluoroscopy is a radiographic act that provides a dynamic effigy of the delayin of the assemblage regularly following the government of the opposture resources delay the use of permanent x-ray glow that passes through the area of share and later the slender glow that follow out of the enduring is ordinary by a video warner to scene the assemblage sunder excitement in details. The fluoroscopic studies can efficiently discover medley of abnormalities of irrelative assemblage arrangements such as the skeletal, digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive and urinary arrangement. (University of Rochester Medical Center,2018). In this assignment I procure search environing equipment used in ERCP, role of radiographer in ERCP, technical and peril remuneration of ERCP and predicament consider. ? ERCP Equipment ERCP comprise endoscopy and fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy depends of C-arm and warner. Endoscopy depend of easy tube which denominated endooccasion delay at the end it comprise a diminutive video camera and unthoughtful. There is a canal delayin components of the occasion through which insinuatey meanss are passed and can be poked out the tube's end. These meanss undercontinue a catheter, balloon, basket, sphincterotome, biopsy forceps and cytology glide and stents. So, for injecting opposture resources into the ducts by used of catheter. Used of balloon is to elongate compact areas of the bile duct or pancreatic duct. Also, for removing and manipulating stones used of basket, and to irritate work and shape the bile duct or pancreatic duct beginning comprehensiver used of a sphincterotome. Biopsy forceps and cytology glide use to get inconspicuous exam, and use stent to bridge blockages. Other beginnings permit the schoolman to suck out insinuate or air delayin digestive arrangement as well-behaved-behaved as untarnished the camera lens. Curb the move of the tube by gently intrusive and pulling on its beyond end is manufactured by the schoolman suitableness besides steering the delayin end delay curb knobs that the schoolman holds in his laborer. Video television shade in the act ground is ordinary effigys from the endoscope. Also, get an x-ray effigy of the bile duct and pancreatic duct by the fluoroscopy. (ASGA, 2016).Role of Radiographer in ERCP:Before test: First, asked to transport any drapery or jewelry that may get in the way of the assemblage area to be weighd and exhibit gown. Then, inhibit spectry and an identification number of the enduring. Third, furnish the C-arm implement and the warner. Fourth, postureed on the x-ray board depending on what the schoolman scantiness. Fifth, shape believing everyone who clings in ERCP ground exhibit direct apron. (ASGA, 2016).During test: Respecting on department's equipment, radiographer may entertain to cling out in the curb panel or may be cogent to continue in the ground to x-ray. continue in the ground to x-ray In the perishing, it is weighty to pay cease vigilance so as not to disregard cue to x-ray. The schoolman procure ask the radiographer to x-ray when it is exactd if shade or fault. Also, the radiographer be vigilance for schoolman and enduring proviso. (ASGA, 2016).After test:The radiographer hinder the effigy and sent it. Shape believing the implement is untarnished. (ASGA, 2016). Technical of ERCP: Endoscopic delaydraw cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is a technique that to diagnose and negotiate illnesss respecting to the pancreatobiliary arrangement by used of endoscopy and fluoroscopic imaging. The endoscopic share of the test uses endooccasion that is passed through the esophagus and stomach and into the assist share of the duodenum. For geting high-quality radiographic effigys and for the obstruction of pulmonary endeavor and considered optimal for cannulation of the papilla, so ERCP is executed delay the enduring in the bent posture. But, endurings who can not cogent for bent posture for ERCP are frequently establishd in the left adjunctive decubitus or otiose postures. ( Malas, 2017) Radiation peril remuneration of ERCP: In ERCP the fluoroscopy term is shorter when ERCP is executed by schoolman who has abundant years habit of manufactured ERCP and carried out a comprehensive number of ERCPs in the spent year. In public, radiation peril is excellent during remedial ERCP than during feature ERCP. Radiation dose to endurings during ERCP depends on abundant factors, and the schoolman uncogent to curb some variables which are enduring bigness, act cast, or fluoroscopic equipment used. In a modern prospective consider where ERCP meanss used for issue, stent instilion, lithotripsy, needle-knife, biopsies, the use of a train wire or concomitant wires other than the continueard, a balloon and catheter, that procure significantly growth fluoroscopy term. (Boix and Lorenzo-Zúñiga, 2011) Patient provision and care: Antecedently the test, the stomach should be leisure. The enduring who does the ERCP must not eat anything following midnight on the waning antecedently the exam. Respecting for test term, if the act is manufactured future in the existing, no drinks must be smitten, but if test is manufactured at noon term, a cup of tea, juice, arrange, or coffee can be smitten indecent hours antecedent. medications of feeling and rank presbelieving must constantly be smitten delay a slight total of insinuate in the future existing. The enduring needs to entertain a mate incite them home following the act, past the act procure exact intravenous sedation. (Jay and Marks, 2018) To inducement rest and sleepiness, the enduring procure be ardent medications through a humor. National anesthetic is ardent to the enduring to abate the gag reflex. Some schoolmans further to communicate the endurings past intravenous medications for sedation, so do not use national anesthetic. This besides applies to those endurings who cannot permit the sad zest of the national anesthetic or who entertain a truth of allergy to xylocaine and the hebetude surprise in the throat. The intravenous medication is ardent, suitableness the enduring is untrue on the left policy on the X-ray board, and then the means is instiled gently through the hole into the duodenum. The means advances through the patronage route and not the air route. It does not interfere delay the active and gagging is usually prevented or abated by the medication. Following the test, endurings must be observed in the renovation establish until most of the effects from the medications entertain exhausted off. This rarely captures one to two hours. (Jay and Marks, 2018)Case consider: This predicament consider is environing 77 years old womanly enduring delay H/O sordid bile duct stones. The proviso rouse 8 months ago by fit excellent abdominal denial and remains falsificationed stools. The enduring came to Royal Hospital and the schoolman ruled to capture x-ray chief. So, they establish 3 comprehensive stones in sordid bile duct. Then the schoolman ruled to do ERCP. The ERCP was manufactured in 7/5/2018. The schoolman saw a perimapullary diverticulum and delay injected opposture through sordid bile duct, the cholangiogram showed 3 comprehensive stones proximally tail to tail, the balloon was used to transport the stones. However, this enduring was uncooperative, so stenting manufactured in crave term delay use 9cm yielding biliary stent delay cheerful bile drainage. (Royal, 2018) Conclusion: Overall, ERCP is act to weigh irrelative illnesss respecting to biliary arrangement. One of these provisos is choledocholithiasis which is stone in ashesbladder or sordid bile duct. ERCP can diagnose and negotiate choledocholithiasis. ERCP used fluoroscopy to weigh the endooccasion delayin the enduring, so radiographer is one of most weighty limb in ERCP ground. Also, ERCP used endooccasion instil through the hole into stomach delay instil some means delayin its canal. Technique of instilion endooccasion delay inferior radiation dose for the habitd endoscopists, enduring and who cling in ERCP ground. Nowadays, ERCP is most sordid manufactured in cosmos-people, so most of the crowd apprehend environing it.