Boa Resolution

WHEREAS, the Philippine Accountancy Act of 2004, Article II Individuality 9(f) empowers the Board of Accountancy “to impose and/or annex a Code of Ethics for the performance of accountancy” and Individuality 9(g) provides that the Board of Accountancy shall “monitor the conditions of accountancy and annex such measures, including declaration of accounting and auditing rules, rules and regulations and best performances as may be reputed own for the reinproposition and means-of-support of excellent occupational, intellectual, accounting and auditing rules xxx” WHEREAS, all Administrative Accountants must amalgamate to the Revised Code of Ethics for Administrative Accountants in the Philippines which governs their kinsmen to the notorious in open, their co-professionals, their clients and the Specify of the performance of the Accountancy occupation in the Philippines; WHEREAS, any advertising by occupational accountants past their designate, discourse, telephone compute and company in occupational forms has been traditionally considered unintellectual in the Accountancy Profession; WHEREAS, the deduces for not allowing advertisement conceive: (a) advertising can bear to improper emulation betwixt and unmoulded practitioners, and thus may motive a disengage in the power of service; (b) advertising would succor a further interchangeable vestibule among the occupation thus reducing clients’ belief in CPAs and besides increasing the probability of CPAs neglecting their intellectual duties; (c) the absorb of advertising would outbalance any savings which influence upshot from emulation, and it would be borne still by clients; and (d) slight or new practitioners would be incredible to accept the financial instrument to mate the advertising of larger or further recurrent performances. WHEREAS, the rationale forthcoming the interdiction of positive kinds of advertising or advertisements is to present amiable-carriage to the occupation which, variously settled services and commodities, should not be peddled in the chaffer fix through touting and selflaudatory means; WHEREAS, due to the dilution of the services granted by the occupational accountants and the inclusion of a edibles in the Revised Code of Ethics for Administrative Accountants of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) which the Board of Accountancy and the Administrative Regulation Commission accept annexed, allowing advertising to the degree that this provides the notorious delay compulsory instruction encircling the uncombined practitioners or occupational companys and the services they adduce to their clients; WHEREAS, Individuality 250 on Marketing Administrative Services of the Revised Code of Ethics for Administrative Accountants in the Philippines provides that “1. When a occupational accountant in notorious performance solicits new performance through advertising or other produces of chaffering, there may be possible browbeatings to obedience delay the important facultys. For model, a self-share browbeating to obedience delay the faculty of occupational carriage is created if services, achievements or products are chaffered in a way that is congruous delay that faculty. 2. A occupational accountant in notorious performance should not bear the occupation into ingloriousness when chaffering occupational services. The occupational accountant in notorious performance should be conscientious and sincere and should not: • • Bring-about exaggerated claims for services adduceed, qualifications compensated or trial gained; or Bring-about damnatory references to unsubstantiated comparisons to the performance of another. If the occupational accountant in notorious performance is in hesitate whether a incomplete produce of advertising or chaffering is delayhold, the occupational accountant in notorious performance should consider delay the demeanour occupational association.” WHEREAS, delay this new harvest, the Board of Accountancy deems it compulsory to annex rules and regulations secureion advertising so as to secure the notorious share. Such rules shall designate the parameters among which advertising and encouragement may be considered intellectual and future, legal. WHEREAS, an negotiative implementation of the edibless of the Revised Code of Ethics for Administrative Accountants governing the performance of the accountancy occupation specifically the edibles on advertising would relieve in the reinproposition of excellent occupational and intellectual rules and escape laziness which influence reduce the uprightness and amiable-carriage of the accountancy occupation. NOW, THEREFORE be it RESOLVED, as it is hereby RESOLVED, to annex the forthcoming rules and regulations on advertising and encouragement for the performance of accountancy in the Philippines: 1. Generally, advertising and notoriousity in any moderation are delectable granted: a. It has as its external the declaration to the notorious or such sectors of the notorious as are watchful, of matters of deed (e.g., designate, discourse, contiguity computes, services adduceed) in a carriage that is not dishonorable, misleading or deceptive; b. It is in amiable taste; c. It is occupationally dignified; and d. It escapes numerous dwelling-upon of, and any improper preferment life attached to the designate of the decided or occupational accountant in notorious performance. The forthcoming besides shall not be recognized: a. Self-laudatory specifyments b. Discrediting, damnatory, or attacking other decideds or CPA practitioners c. Referring to, using or citing excrowd or purported vouchers by third parties d. Publishing and comparing fees delay other CPAs or CPA decideds or comparing those services delay those granted by another decided or CPA practitioner e. Giving too greatly sense on competitive differences f. Using expression or phrases which are fixed to designate and level further reserved to claim externally g. Publishing services in billboard (e.g., tarpaulin, streamers, etc.) advertisements 2. The use of the designate of an interdiplomatic accounting decided affiliation/correspondence other than a notation that it is a “member/correspondent decided of that strange decided” shall not be recognized so as to import that the strange decided is practicing in the Philippines. 3. No decided or CPA practitioner shall substantiate the designate of a client or items of a client’s trade in advertising, notorious kinsmen or chaffering representative performed to excite his performance granted that the client bestows its written acquiesce. 4. No decided or CPA practitioner shall use the tidings “Accredited” or any correspondent expression or phrases fitted to remove the aenjoy import if the claimed accreditation (BOA, SEC, BSP or IC) has expired. 5. All advertisements must accept antecedent critique and eulogy in writing by the Risk Management Partner and Managing Partner or their equivalents. 6. The forthcoming models are customary of mood in which notoriousity is delectable and the matters to be considered in association theredelay theme constantly to the overriding capabilitys mentioned in the precedent rules. a. Awards It is in the shares of the notorious and the accountancy occupation that any enactment or other spectre of a occupational accountant in a matter of raceal or persomal signification, or the bestow of any separation to a occupational accountant, should await notoriousity and that company of the occupational association should be mentioned. However, the occupational accountant should not bring-about use of any of the aforementioned enactments or activities for idiosyncratical occupational custom. b. Administrative Trade Accountants Seeking Employment or Professional A occupational accountant may inproduce shareed parties through any moderation that a company or salaried awaiting of an accountancy affection is life sought. The occupational accountant should not, besides, notorioudimension for subcontract performance in a carriage which could be interpreted as seeking to gain occupational trade. Currency seeking subcontract performance may be delectable if fixd shortly in the occupational crowd and granted that neither the accountant’s designate, discourse or telephone compute shows in the notoriousity. A occupational accountant may transcribe a epistle or bring-about a straightforward vestibule to another occupational accountant when seeking awaiting or occupational trade. c. Directories A occupational accountant may be listed in a straightforwardory. Entries may conceive designate, discourse, telephone compute, occupational cognomen, services adduceed and any other instruction compulsory to qualify the user of the straightforwardory to bring-about contiguity delay the idiosyncratic or form to which the memorandum relates. d. Books, Articles, Interviews, Lectures, Radio and Television Appearances Professional accountants who cause books or declaration on occupational themes, may specify their designate and occupational qualifications and bestow the designate of their form but shall not bestow any instruction as to the services that decided provides. Similar edibless are convenient to community by a occupational accountant in a disquisition, confabulation or a radio or television program on a occupational theme. What occupational accountants transcribe or say, besides, should not be encouragemental of themselves or their decided but should be an external occupational aspect of the subject beneath suspect. Administrative accountants are under obligation for using their best endeavors to fix that what still goes precedently the notorious complies delay these capabilitys. e. Grafting Courses, Seminars, etc. A occupational accountant may solicit clients, staff or other occupational accountants to wait-on grafting courses or seminars conducted for the relieveance of staff. Other idiosyncratics should not be solicitd to wait-on such grafting courses or seminars save in tally to an unsolicited ask. The capability should in no way nullify occupational accountants from providing grafting services to other occupational bodies, associations or teachingal institutions which run courses for their portions or the notorious. However, improper preferment should not be attached to the designate of a occupational accountant in any booklets or muniments manifestationd in association therewith. f. Booklets and Documents Containing Technical Information Booklets and other muniments demeanour the designate of a occupational accountant and giving technical instruction for the relieveance of staff or clients may be manifestationd to such idiosyncratics, other occupational accountants or other shareed parties. g. Staff Recruitment Genuine vacancies for staff may be pestilential to the notorious through any moderation in which resembling staff vacancies normally show. The deed that a job mention necessarily bestows some point as to one or further of the services granted to clients by the occupational accountant in notorious performance is delectable but it should not embrace any encouragemental component. There should not be any prompting that the services adduceed are loftier to those adduceed by other occupational accountants in notorious performance as a manifestation of dimension, associations, or for any other deduce. In notoriousations such as those specifically straightforwarded to schools and other fixs of teaching to inproduce students and graduates of line opportunities in the occupation, services adduceed to the notorious may be feeling in a trade enjoyway. 4 Further loophole may besides be legal in a individuality of a newspaper dedicated to staff vacancies than would be recognized if the leisure showed in a eminent lie elsewhere in a newspaper on the basis that it would be most incredible that a possible client would use such resources to fine a occupational confederate. h. Currency on Bestead of Clients A occupational accountant in notorious performance may notorioudimension on bestead of clients, principally for staff. However, the occupational accountant in notorious performance should fix that the sense in the notoriousity is straightforwarded towards the externals to be achieved for the client. i. Brochures and Decided Directories A occupational accountant in notorious performance may manifestation to clients or, in tally to an unsolicited ask, to a non-client: a. A deedual and externally worded of the services granted; and b. A straightforwardory setting out designates of partners, appointment discoursees and designates and discourse of associated decideds and correspondents. j. Stationery and Nameplates Stationery of occupational accountants in notorious performance should be of an delectable occupational rule and let-go delay the capabilitys of the law and of the portion association watchful as to designates of partners, principals and others who join-in in the performance, use of occupational cognomens and designatory epistles, cities or countries where the performance is represented, logotypes, etc. The authority of any services granted by the performance as life specialist affection should not be at-liberty. Correspondent edibless, where convenient, should employ to designateplates. k. Announcements Withawait newspapers or stores may be used to inproduce the notorious of the community of a new performance, of changes in the comlie of a company of occupational accountants in notorious performance, or of any permutation in the discourse of a performance. Such announcements should be poor to a short specifyment of deeds and suspect attached to the delayholdness of the area of distribution of the newspaper or store and compute of insertions. l. Inclusion of the Designate of the Administrative Accountant in Notorious Performance in a Muniment Issued by a Client When a client proposes to inform a cognomen by a occupational accountant in notorious performance trade delay the client’s corporeal trade affairs or in association delay the community of a new trade risk, the occupational accountant in notorious performance should admit steps to fix that the texture in which the cognomen is informed is not such as influence upshot in the notorious life sinful as to the affection and import of the cognomen. In these mood, the occupational accountant in notorious performance should instruct the client that endurance should earliest be obtained precedently notoriousation of the muniment. Similar suspect should be attached to other muniments incomplete to be manifestationd by a client embraceing the designate of a occupational accountant in notorious performance acting in an recalcitrant occupational cleverness. This does not bar the inclusion of the designate of a occupational accountant in notorious performance in the annual cognomen of a client. When occupational accountants in their not-unconcealed cleverness are associated delay, or await in, an form, the form may use their designate and occupational status on stationery and other muniments. The occupational accountant in notorious performance should fix that this instruction is not used in such a way as influence bear the notorious to estimate that there is a association delay form in an recalcitrant occupational cleverness. m. Anniversaries A occupational accountant’s crowd and other resources releases or announcements or newspaper supplements, or other correspondent notoriousations, or other chronicled resources, or the awaiting of resources finished levelts beneathtaken shortly to perpetuate their anniversaries in notorious performance by acquainting the notorious of their achievements or notice in contributing towards race edifice and in interdiplomatic beneathstanding, amiablewill, or kinsmenhip or enhancing the metaphor or rules of the accounting occupation do not transgress the rules on advertising and courtship granted that such announcements or beneathtakings embraces shortly deedual matters delayout pointed listing of services. Also discover My Dream Job Accountant Essay Such beneathtaking should be performed shortly complete five years of commemoration. n. Websites A occupational accountant may unfold and supinstigate a website in the Internet in such becoming diffusiveness and title which may besides conceive announcements, crowd releases, notoriousations and such other compulsory and deedual instruction enjoy decided’s designate, partners/principals’ designate and unimportant cognomen of their teachingal accomplishments, unimportant listing of services, postal discourse, telephone, fax and e-mail discoursees. Such website should amalgamate to the rules mentioned over. 7. These rules and regulations shall be operative fifteen (15) days following notoriousation in the Negotiative Gazette or in any newspaper of open prevalence.