Bd Railway

Organization Comportment of Bangladesh Railway In: Social Issues Make Comportment of Bangladesh Railway An Assignment ON Make comportment Submitted To: Dr. Syeda Lasna Kabir Associate Professor Dept. of Public Government University of Dhaka. Submitted By: Md. Rajvi Hasan Roll No: MM--098 4th Year; 7th Semester Dept. of Public Government University of Dhaka. Submission Date: 16th May 2011. Assignment subject A Elaboration on Bangladesh Railway [pic] ? Introduction: Roads & Railways Division is one of the considerable Divisions in the Legislation below the Ministry of Communication. Ministry of Message comprises two Divisions, 1. Roads & Railways Division and 2. Bridges Division. Roads & Railways Division shoulders a waste effect and plays a ocean role in socio-economic fruit of our province. It governs the Departments/Organizations which are gratuitous very considerable roles in architecture our new community. These are : (1) Roads & Highways Portion (RHD), (2) Bangladesh Railway, (3) Bangladesh Route Enravishment Instance (BRTA), (4) Bangladesh Route Enravishment fortification (BRTC), (5) Dhaka Enravishment Co-ordicommunity Board and (6) The appointment of the Legislation Inspector of Bangladesh Railways (GIBR). The prominent motto of this Division is to determine correction of socio-economic mode of the community of our province through formulating policies interesting routes, route enravishments and abuseways and through fabrication, fruit, disquisition and defence of environment-friendly and user-friendly integrated routes and abuseway vehicle. Bangladesh Railway (BR) is the state-owned abuse enravishment exercise of Bangladesh. It operates and oceantains the solid abuseway neteffect of the province. Railway influence in today's Bangladesh began on November 15, 1862 when 53. 11 kilometers of 5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm) (broute fathom) sequence were unreserveded for intercourse betwixt Darsana and Jagiti. The instant 14. 98 kilometers 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3? 8 in) (meter fathom) sequence was unreserveded for intercourse on 4 January 1885. In 1891, the fabrication of then Bengal Assam Railway was enthralled up by the British Legislation abettance but that was behind on enthralled aggravate by the Bengal Assam Railway Company. On 1 July 1895, two sections of meter fathom sequences were unreserveded betwixt Chittagong and Comilla, a prolixity of 149. 89 kilometers and betwixt Laksam and Cahndpur, a prolixity of 50. 89 kilometers. Railway Companies formed in England took up the fabrication and influence of these sections in average and slow 19th eldership. At era of the distribution of India in 1947, Bengal-Assam Railway was burst up and the lot of the rule, environing 2,603. 92 kilometers bare among the desigrace of then East Pakistan and curb remained behind a while the mediate Legislation of Pakistan. Later behind a while the fruit from 1 February 1961, Eastern Bengal Railway was renamed as Pakistan Eastern Railway. Then in 1962, the curb of Pakistan Eastern Railway was catching from the Mediate Legislation to the Legislation of East Pakistan and placed below the treatment of a Railway Board behind a while the fruit from the financial year 1962-63 by the presidential Ordain of 9 June 1962. As of 2005, the aggregate prolixity of abuseroute is 2,855 kilometres. Of that, 660 km are broute fathom tracks (mainly in the western divorce), 1,830 km are metre fathom tracks (mainly in the mediate and eastern divorces) and 365 km are dual fathom tracks The fathom drift is substance tackled by adding third abuses to the most considerable broute and metre fathom routes, so that they befit dual fathom. A excellent route-abuse bridge at Jamuna unreserveded in 1998 to add the anteriorly disjoined east and west abuse networks. On March 2008, the broute fathom reached Dhaka, the communityal excellent. Funding is substance sought to upgrade the neteffect and vary Bangladesh Railway into a desirable matter. BR exceeded its target enrichment hues in the fiscal year 2007-2008. Bangladesh Railway provides divergent fashions of employments ranging from shuttle employment for university students to merchandise and goods employment. But tranquil BR could not execute use as it is providing employments to the community at a subsidised reprimand in ordain to succor the province's distribution and for the quiet of community. Objective: The externals of this examine are 1) To belowstand & evaluate the portionalization of the BR. 2) To learn the Spam of Curb rule of this make. 3) To criticise the applicability of the incontrovertiblety of ‘Job Specialization’ in this clarified make. Rationale of the examine: We enjoy to aggravateview the inside coordinating agency, inside environment & the technology, age and the bulkyness of the make. Beobject behind a whileout learning these features we can’t evaluate an make’s hierarchy, power, started environment in gentleman purport. Elaboration Question: The questions which conquer administer us to the elaboration: 1. How does the p of curb conquer effect in BR? 2. What is the portionalization of BR? 3. How job specialization is occurred? Hypothesis: On which the elaboration are naturalized on: 1. If it is a bureaucratic make then the job specialization, portionalization conquer be obsequious. . If it is a matrix make, then job specialization, portionalization conquer be ample pliable than the anterior one Elaboration Methodology: 1. Content Dissection which is most low manner for all fashions of elaboration. The cognate tomes, publications, newspapers, internet sources etc enjoy absorbed instruction environing the aggregate scenario of the make. 2. I enjoy interviewed few officials to belowstand the top of that org. Area of focus: The area we are focusing on: Bangladesh Railway Head Office, Top khana, Dhaka. And, Bangladesh Railway Administrative Building, Kamlapur, Dhaka. Limitations of the examine: 1. I had very brief era to adequate this examine. 2. I did not enjoy plenty experiment to do such studies. 3. As the grounds are attentive from key informants at their started hours, there is luck of not receiving trodden obsequious instruction 4. I faced non coinfluence from some of the employees. • Chapterization: 1. Introduction: The abuseway portion is a semi-autonomous make below the The Ministry of Communications. This examine intends to proof out the inside coordinating agency, how does it vie behind a while the exterior environment. The healthy rule of message, effects, coordinating agency prevails environing makeal make. Job specialization & portionalization are the two ocean features of make. And these two are vastly depended on that. If it follows a bureaucratic make, then the job specialization & portionalization conquer be as unswerving as the bureaucracy. And if it follows a matrix make, then it conquer be over unreserved to the environment. 2. Theoretical Framework: In this examine, we conquer try to mark-out these behind a while the forthcoming theories: Job Specialization: The manner of job specialization involves infringement down a effect to its last raze and maneuvering jobs environing each divorce. This creates specialization, aptise, and improved attribute. Job specialization contrivance in the effectplace is regularly seen in manufacturing and segregateerre sequences where a effecter focuses on one unfair effect and ability during the solid effect transfer. The effect regularly repeats all day hanker. Specialization is the way of performing a undoubtful effect which executes a special be in scant in performing other activities out of effect she/he is specializes purposely. Job descriptions are written statements that explain the: • duties, • responsibilities, • most considerable contributions and outcomes demanded from a standing, • required qualifications of candidates, and • Reporting interdependence and coworkers of a divorceicular job. Job descriptions are naturalized on external instruction obtained through job dissection, an belowstanding of the competencies and skills required to accomplish demanded effects, and the demands of the make to consequence effect. Job descriptions lucidly fulfill and spell out the responsibilities of a unfair job. Job descriptions too apprehend instruction environing started modes, tools, equipment used, learnledge and skills demanded, and interdependences behind a while other standings. The best job descriptions are subsistence, animated documents that are updated as responsibilities vary. The best job descriptions do not expression employees, but rather, object them to expand their experiment, increase their skills, and lay-open their ability to conduce among their make. Departmentalization: Departmentalization refers to the way of clumping activities into portions. Division of exertion creates specialists who demand coordination. This coordicommunity is facilitated by clumping specialists simultaneously in portions. The ocean fashions of portionalization are- • Functional portionalization - Grouping activities by segregates performed. Activities can be clumped according to segregate (effect substance executed) to track economies of lamina by placing employees behind a while shared skills and learnledge into portions for specimen civilized instrument, IT, accounting, manufacturing, logistics, and engineering. Functional portionalization can be used in all fashions of makes. • Fruit portionalization - Grouping activities by fruit sequence. Tasks can too be clumped according to a unfair fruit or employment, thus placing all activities cognate to the fruit or the employment below one troddenor. Each excellent fruit area in the fortification is below the instance of a excellent troddenor who is specialist in, and is lawful for, anything cognate to the fruit sequence. LA Gear is an specimen of gang that uses fruit portionalization. Its make s naturalized on its multiplied fruit sequences which apprehend women’s footwear, children’s footwear and men’s’ footwear. • Customer portionalization - Grouping activities on the premise of low customers or fashions of customers. Jobs may be clumped according to the fashion of customer tendd by the make. The incontrovertiblety is that customers in each portion enjoy a low set of drifts and demands that can best be met by specialists. The sales activities in an appointment furnish decided can be spiritless down into three portions that tend vend, healthysale and legislation accounts. Geographic portionalization - Grouping activities on the premise of country. If an make's customers are geographically indiscriminately, it can clump jobs naturalized on geography. For specimen, the make make of Coca-Cola has reflected the gang’s influence in two broute geographic areas – the North American sector and the interexoteric sector, which apprehends the Pacific Rim, the European Community, Northeast Europe, Africa and Latin America clumps. • Way portionalization - Grouping activities on the premise of fruit or employment or customer glide. Beobject each way requires unanalogous skills, way portionalization allows homogenous activities to be categorized. For specimen, the applicants ability demand to go through divergent portions namely validation, licensing and stock, precedently receiving the driver’s allow. Span of curb: The p of curb refers to sum of employees that straightway fame to a solitary troddenor. Span of curb determines the make of an make, a spare p of curb fruits in hierarchal make while broute p of curb administers to tasteless make. Since treatment reproduce-exhibits the activities that do not straightway fruit in fruitivity, they are rather a aggravatehead, p of curb determines the concomitant influenceal require. Quantitatively, companybulky aggravatehead can be conducive by dividing the aggregate sum of treatment staff behind a while the bulkyness of make. Span of curb formulation What is an optimal relevancy of manger to trodden fames behind a whileout compromising the fruitivity? It is a indispensable drift in maneuvering the make of an make; empirically this collocate is tolerably bulky, from 4 to 22 depending upon the constitution of effect. In 1933, V. A. Graicunas, a paris naturalized consultant formulated the p of curb naturalized on sum of trodden and introdden interdependences that a excellent has to husband. Graicunas identified three fashions of interdependences: 1. Sum of trodden interdependences betwixt troddenor and secondary, it reproduce-exhibits the p of curb. 2. Sum of peer-to-peer interdependences, it reproduce-exhibit issues due to interpersonal conflicts. Note that each couple of peers reproduce-exhibit 2 interdependences and not 1, if there are two secondarys, dick and jane, dick ability enjoy unanalogous interest for jane than jane’s interest for dick. Hence for a manger, they reproduce-exhibit 2 unanalogous set of drifts and not one. 3. Grounds dissection ; grounds giveation: Bangladesh Railway is one of the most fruitful ; bulky portions of GOB. Since the Portion was founded the bulkyness of the excellent abuse neteffect in Bangladesh has increasen. The Portion is headed by a Director Open who is befriended by a sum of appointmentrs. The aggregate sum of specialnel in the Portion is approximately 35,000. It’s a vast sum for any make. To curb this husk of bulky makes, one demands to enjoy very secure Span of curb or sequence of instance. BR has that. pic] Behind anarchy, the abuseway was foremost supervised by a Railway Board which was abolished in 1982. Thereafter, the BR came below the government of the Railway Division of the Ministry of Communications behind a while the Secretary of the Division started as the Director Open of BR. In 1995, instead of substance the divorce of the Ministry, BR came below curb of a negotiative Director Open supervised by the Bangladesh Railway Instance that is chaired by the Minister of Communications. As the divorce of the Bureaucracy, BRfollows the BURREAUCRATIC STRUCTURE, which refers to the Tall Organization. According to the concept it is misspend for Bureaucratic Organizations. But, it objects some disadvantages too. DEPARTMENTALIZATION can be explaind as clumping employees on the premise of the coincidence of aptise, learnledge. It enhances the consummation reprimand of an make. As BR is a vast make, it’s disjoined into divergent portions on the premise of the congruous segregates. BR is disjoined into two zones, East ; West, each below curb of a open troddenor who is subject to the Director Open of Bangladesh Railway. The two zones enjoy their separeprimand portions or influence, defence, and finances. Each zone is disjoined into two divisions that inclose portions for Personnel, Transportation, Commercial, Finance Mechanical, Way and Works Signaling ; Telecommunication, Electrical, Medical, etc. Each zone too has its Workshop Divisions, located at Pahartali and Saidpur, respectively. A migratory effectshop is located at Parbatipur for broute and metre fathom migratorys. BR husbands its own Railway Training Academy. A separeprimand Directoreprimand below the Ministry of Communications is full to supervise unanalogous effects of BR in fitness to protection. Job Specialization is the way of performing a undoubtful effect which executes a special be in scant in performing other activities out of effect she/he is specializes purposely. It enables employees to befit very skilled ; fruitive at their assigned effect. Another stimulus of portionalization is to determine job specialization. It is usually seen that full portion of an make is assigned to those segregates or effects at which they are apt. The downside of job specialization tends to be that community can singly do one effect. They aren’t useful to multieffect or treat multiple areas of a effectplace. As a fruit, when a delicate aptise is obsolete, the way can admit. Additionally, effecters below job specialization don’t enjoy a bulky adorn of ry skills, so it befits unfeeling for them to commingle to a new segregate or demand in the make. It creates privilege this resources behind specialization undoubtful scene of effect may administer into boredom to the effecter. Fruitful government of BR is too hindered by bankruptcy of rules and masterys that enjoy been enjoyd by the Board but are awaiting Legislation approbation as courteous. Which creates relapse to the refreshment way. Conclusion: Removing the old pat, the healthy globe is intending to get over modernized. But tranquil we are forthcoming the hundreds years old ‘Bureaucracy rule’ which has objectd molehill but losses. Substance a Bureaucratic make or divorce BR is no unanalogous. They are tranquil forthcoming the transmitted bureaucratic pattern behind a while no flexibility. Anything in the make prevails according to the law ; mastery. Job specialization or portionalization is urban. They can’t effect out of it, plain in an embarrassment. There is brief luck for the secondarys to give their ideas or opinions by transversion excellents. They oceantain a very obsequious sequence of instance, where troddenors enjoy the greatest instance. This may be the transmitted bureaucratic role. But it has to vary according to the demands of this millennium. As enjoy the privy makes RHD officials should be absorbed over immunity, authorization to charm faster sentence. Singly then the makeal sight of customer recompense can be achieved. Reference: 1. http://www. abuseway. gov. bd 2. Class lectures 3. Railway Instruction tome 4. Mr. Ahsanullah Bhuiyan, Deputy Director, Bangladesh Railway. 5. Mr. Sarwar Alam, Asstt. Commercial Officer, Bangladesh Railway. [pic]