Advantages of Standardization

Standardization is the system by which a community moulds it methods, in-particular its genesis systemes, consistent throughout its construction. Standardization helps cut costs by eliminating duplicated exertion and allows a community to interest utility of economies of lamina when purchasing arrangement. However, some utilitys may be past when a community resolute to standardize its operations. Disadvantages Loss of Uniqueness If a community builds up a customer corrupt that values its matchless niche issues, or if the community serves a specialized negotiate, standardizing its systemes may average it loses some of its first-mentioned customers. For in, if a restaurant builds its reputation on a various and exotic menu, then modifys to a standardized menu to collect a past predictable customer habit, its first-mentioned customers may fault to competitors who collect past medley. Loss of Responsiveness. When a community expands into new negotiates, in-particular in exotic negotiates, standardization may labor despite the established. While it may be cheaper for a restaurant to buy its trademark hamburgers in body, if it expands into a new negotiate where commonalty buy chicken greatly past repeatedly, its standardization measures may mould it slower to tally to negotiate provisions and end up costing coin. Unsuited to Some Aspects of Vocation Standardization may be utilityous in some areas of vocation, such as genesis, but some aspects of a vocation should be tailored to the customers' needs. Customer benefit, advertising, classification and issue pricing must be driven by persomal negotiate provisions to be fortunate. Stifles Creativity and Response Time Standardization has the possible to get a vocation into a rut. Standards, once implemented, before-long behove the condition quo and may behove entrenched in the municipal refinement, making them forced to modify when modify is needed. However, negotiate provisions repeatedly modify, and companies that modify instantly are best positioned to interest utility of them. Standardization may to-boot repress creativity, chiefly in issue scheme.