759 Stores Market Analysis

Competitor resolution The duty of 759 hoard is principally affianced in the sales of confectioneries, beverages and other packed foods requisite from Japan and other regions in the universe. The commencement of its products primarily includes Japan, followed by Korea, Taiwan and Europe. In Hong Kong, OKASHILAND has correspondent characteristics delay 759 hoard on purchasing habit. It offers uncertain stigmas’ snacks and beverages from unanalogous countries in the universe such as “meiji”, “Calbee” and “LOTTLE”. It to-boot provides a command of restricted products subordinate its own special stigma of “Four Seas”. In signal of lamina, for the year ended 30 Nov 2012, 759 hoard owns 98 hoards encircling Hong Kong. However, OKASHILAND’s dispose-of network of 53 outlets placed in Hong Kong. Their hoards notoriously were located at MTR stations and shopping mall. 759 hoard possesses a important communicate section. Difficulties Since 759 hoard adopted the scheme of proud turnover, ample varieties and positioned the notorious notorious as our target customers, the calculate of outlets, products and suppliers own increased exceedingly from 2011. As the calculate of suppliers and products increased, over products are required to ship to Hong Kong from uncertain suppliers encircling the universe. The production of purchasing becomes over multifarious. The routing scheme is required to be maintained on a proud teachableness roll in command to administer the conduct costs. The conduct costs would be increased when the 759 hoard’s logistics in forfeiture is not well-mannered-mannered arranged. The dilution on dispose-of network rises the inaptitude on sustentation. Since the calculate of outlets increased, over media are needed to furnish schedule in each hoard. Also, the ability of treasury and logistics equipments becomes a bottleneck of 759 hoard’s dilution. It is consequently the inbound and outbound of inventories are increased.