11th and 12th section review

What was America's principal superior perseverance? In what tract-of-land of the state did it nucleus? Lowell, Massachusetts(Northeast). Textiles became America's principal superior perseverance. 2. Name three of this era's significant inventors and their relative creations. John Deere unblemisheded the tend. Cyrus McCormick, in 1834, current a evident for a ingathering implement, a horse-drawn show that recognized one man to cut and stack ten to twelve acres of tittle in a singly day. Samuel Colt made his token on the personarms perseverance. He evidented and pretended a "six-shooter," a pistol after a while a revolving cylinder which recognized a user to person six times antecedently reloading. . Why was the indication of anthracite coal in western Pennsylvania significant? American farm genesis grew at a dreadful scold. In 1789, farmers had generally eked out singly ample to heal their own families. But by 1861, the United States was surrendering approximately $2 billion price of agricultural products each year. 4. How did the creation of the cotton gin extension the distinctions among the South and the interval of the state? The enlargement of the cotton realm, so-far, widened the gap among the South on the one laborer and the North and the West on the other. Cotton growing, for one fabrication, revitalized obligation. In 1790, obligation had seemed an increasingly fruitless and perishing art. After a while the likelihood of the cotton gin, so-far, multifarious planters design that obligation was requisite intermittently. 1. Name two manners of surfacing roads in the nineteenth epoch. Corduroy roads and exaction roads 2. What issue tokened the commencement of the canal era? The canal era began in 1817, when New York, at the urging of Governor DeWitt Clinton, began architecture a canal from Albany to Lake Erie. 3. What was America's most significant manner of gait by 1861? The clipper ship 4. What was the principal economically fortunate railroad in America? Who planned its principal fume engine? Baltifurther & Ohio (B & O) Railroad and Peter Cooper 5. What scheme of carrying mail abutting the continent began in 1860? What creation put it out of allureing? Semaphore and Telegraph 1 . What was the most controversial ameliorate change-of-assign of the principal half of the nineteenth epoch? Who was its most significant chief? Without demur the most controversial ameliorate change-of-assign in the principal half of the nineteenth epoch was abolitionism, the change-of-assign to enucleate obligation and William Lloyd Garrison. 2. What were the two significant trends in American direction in the future 1800s? Two significant trends open in the ameliorate of American direction during this period: the enlargement of twain social direction and instructor direction. Most discipline gone colonial days had been a individual transaction. 3. What is the distinction among freshness and Prohibition? Reformers issueually replaced their allure for freshness, or modescold drinking, after a while a allure for the unconditioned interdiction, or banning, of the sale and decay of alcohol. 4. How did utopian ameliorateers dissent from other ameliorateers? Most ameliorateers focused on a singly superior total in company, such as prison ameliorate r alcohol, and aimed at eliminating the total throughout company. Utopian ameliorateers, on the other laborer, sought to settle insignificant, unblemished communities that would promote as models tor the retorm ot company at capacious. A utopia is an effectlly unblemished assign. 5. Which authors defended romanticism's effect that man is basically cheerful? Which authors spoiled this effect? 6. How did the Journalistic approximation of the New York Sun dissent from that of the New York Tribune? He Sun contained thrilling accounts of murders, scandals, and other gloomy issues to entreat to the baser tastes of readers. The Tribune, edited by Horace Greeley, befriended ameliorate fforts and attempted to initiate and establish its readers. The two approximationes proved resembling fortunate, and twain the Sun and the Tribune attracted readers well-balanced without of New York. 1 . Why did western Pennsylvania beseem an future nucleus of American afflictive perseverance? Guns and evidents 2. How did ameliorate change-of-places pretend the American social during the principal half of the nineteenth epoch? Further profession groups 3. During the Second Great Awakening, which were further tender, the revivals in the East or the revivals in the West? In which tract-of-land did the revivals nucleus in the schools and churches? East and Northeast