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Theoretical Perspective Reflection       

In Chapter 3, you were presented after a while filthy tongue merit theories: behaviorist, free understanding of a grammar, connectionist, and collective interaction theories.  For this discourse, you gain earliest excellent one of the theories and expound its ocean components in a vivid organizer.  The recommended website, Holt Interfree Vivid Organizers (Links to an manifest standing.)Links to an manifest standing., offers digital vivid organizers to acceleration you after a while the invention of your vivid organizer, or you can use the graphs/charts component in Microsoft Word.  You gain then collate and opposition your clarified hypothesis after a while the other theories listed aloft, highlighting the elder similarities and differences.  

The vivid organizer you originate for the hypothesis you adopt should grasp:

  • The ocean theorist associated after a while the hypothesis
  • A digest of what the hypothesis states
  • Evidence sustaining the hypothesis
  • Evidence across the hypothesis

In your collate/opposition anatomy of the hypothesis, grasp the following:

  • Similarities to other theories
  • Differences from other theories

Refer to Chapter 3 of the passage, concomitant instrument, and your own insights.  Remember that your vivid organizer needs to embrace an APA passage for any cause used, including the passagebook.  Your discourse column heading should be the selfselfsame as your clarified hypothesis.  The whole of your column should endure of your collate/opposition anatomy.