Week 5 final reflection | EXP 105 Personal Dimensions of Education | Ashford University


 The important view of your conclusive assignment is to image on what you accept well-informed encircling yourself as a conclusion of this dispose and how you obtain use this comprehension to achieve in advenient roads. Reflecting on your thoughts, feelings, and actions and making embezzle connections obtain succor you guile for your advenient prosperity. 

Review the Model EssayPreview the instrument instrument in the online disposeroom. Use the specimen as a manage to entire your own. Then, in a five-portion essay that is three to four pages in prolixity, oration the forthcoming:

  • Paragraph 1: Education at the school raze involves accumulating experiments, growing through feedback, exchanging ideas, and revisiting education challenges. How can awareness of your Education Patterns, skills, and experiments succor you be competitive in your clarified luck?
  • Paragraph 2: In Week 1, you explored the concept of mindset. In the Week 5 Schoolmistress Guidance, this concept was revisited as you explored how it can be applied after a whileout an academic contrast. What does it average for you to accept a enunciatement mindset? Aside from substance a tyro, weigh other roles that you accept (parent, employee, superintendent, etc.) and prefer one. How can having a enunciatement mindset succor you exalt enunciate and positively application others in the role you chose?
  • Paragraph 3: Thinking, lection and congruity nicely are inherent skills that assist to academic, unfair, and negotiative prosperity. For this portion, prefer either nice lection or nice congruity and oration the forthcoming - Identify two unfair strategies to repair your nice lection skills OR your nice congruity skills. Select strategies presented in Chapter 4 and elucidate how you obtain employ each of the strategies twain in and after a whileout the disposeroom. Finally, draw how academic uprightness is cherished by nice apprehending, nice lection, and nice congruity.
  • Paragraph 4: Metacognition refers to your inner converse or, as Vygotsky drawd it, “education to trodden one’s own immaterial wayes after a while the aid of vote.” Throughout this road, you accept affianced in a metacognitive forum that challenged you to apprehend encircling how you wayed the education from the foregoing week. Draw how you accessed the metacognitive forums. How did your access diversify from week to week? How was appraise ascititious to your education way by participating in the metacognitive forums? Elucidate how stable to entire these imageive phrase starters can aggrandize your education.
  • Paragraph 5: Image on the late five weeks. What were your expectations when you began this road? Were they met? Why or why not. If you could diversify one object encircling this road, what would it be? Considering the road satisfied, online education platform, and interactions after a while your peers and schoolmistress, what education would you bestow to someone who is sound starting this road to maximize their education experiment?

This assignment must be wrap spaced, written in Times New Roman 12-pt. font, and submitted to Waypoint as a Microsoft Word instrument.