Theo 530 final exam (2019) liberty university


1. According to Erickson, material dissolution was an ancient segregate of the anthropological term and prepared from the preface.

2. Dispensationalists aim to reflect of their classification as being, primeval and leading, a...

3. Roman Catholicism is an illustration of

4. The deemblem that all the prophecies relating the Tribulation and the promote future of Christ were fulfilled in the primeval century, A. D.

5. According to Erickson, baptism is the apparent emblem of "spiritual circumcision" identifying the christian after a suitableness Christ in His dissolution and renovation.

6. Michael Brown’s misrecord in the quantity Can You Be Gay and Christian? is that a Christians can be committed to Jesus and help Him faithfully suitableness tranquil having homosexual attractions—recognizing those attractions as repugnant to God’s deemblem and counter them as immoral.

7. Biblical Images of the Habitation as discussed by Erickson include: (Select the BEST solution)

8. Egalitarians educate that women in the New Testament functioned after a suitablenessout limits in a leadership role as prophets.

9. Erickson agrees that a dignity is to be made betwixt the use of "Hades" as emblemifying "death," and "Gehenna" as emblemifying the settle of infinite pain assigned at the terminal opinion

10. Just as there are degrees of compensate dedicated to the saints, there earn be degrees of pain according to the educateings of Erickson and Hoyt.

11. The decision at the opinion rest of Christ earn be inveterate on the christian's works done in the collection.

12. Hoyt educatees that the Opinion rest of Christ

13. According to Erickson Romans 6: 1– 11 is sharp to the sacramentalists’ deemblem of baptism, owing in their sense of this route, baptism substantially unites us after a suitableness Christ.

14. Evangelical Egalitarians aim to hold:

15. According to Erickson, Heaven and Hell portray enduring terms where

16. Erickson argues that the frame the People of God took in the OT was generally-known Israel; in the NT it is the habitation which began at Pentecost.

17. Erickson concludes that, in the end, the best shape for habitation legislation argues for the congregational shape of national autonomy.

18. According to Erickson conciliar individuality betwixt habitationes is the identical as radical individuality

19. According to Michael Brown, Jesus addressed the children of homosexual exercise in at meanest three opposed ways. Which of the forthhereafter was NOT unarranged the three that he listed?

20. The Lutheran deemblem of the Lord's Supper

21. According to Hoyt, the Opinion Rest of Christ is an issue to be feared by all who earn countenance it.

22. The Mid-Tribulational deemblem is a contrary of the premillennial deemblem of Jesus' Promote Coming

23. The Judge at the Bema Rest opinion is Jesus

24. Erickson writes that the conclusive narrate of the unequitable and the equitable is best implied as "conditional immortality."

25. Some dispensationalists meditate the habitation to be a “parenthesis” in God’s program after a suitableness Israel, rendering the habitation an aftercare in God’s contrivance.

26. According to Erickson, one of the reasons Ecclesiology is so misimplied is the event that at no subject-matter in the fact of Christian care has it been dedicated the trodden examine dedicated to other tenets such as Christology and the dogma of the Trinity.

27. Erickson argues that the interior of the council of the habitation is

28. Match the forthcoming:

29. Match the forthcoming:

30. In the examine of ecclesiology and eschatology it was eminent that one's hermeneutics is a key to determining how he or she earn interpret abundant of the key issues such as the promote future, the millennial empire, and the opinions to ensue. Explain this and confer illustrations of theologians who dissociate on the details of eschatology inveterate on their admittance to interpreting Bible prospect.