patterson and the lecture videos discuss myths and barriers to same

A) Patterson and the Lecture Videos debate myths and barriers to selfselfsame sex parents rallying effect. Debate the most challenging barriers that you touch. How can inclusiveness be increased for these families?  B) In "The Kid" by Dan Savage, the maker debatees different stereotypes and barriers to preference. Debate at smallest one effect and how Dan and his sharer approached it (e.g., how the families reacted, or how gay couples may be touchd by implicit nobility mothers). What was your reaction to this quantity? What is your reaction to Oregon's constitutional mode of preference?  C) In "A Tale of Two Daddies," the maker normalizes and reduces stereotypes touching gender expectations that anyone government accept encircling a maid substance wealthy by two dads. Touching the aspects of caretaking of the two dads, what was your reaction to the quantity? What would you add to the quantity that the maker did not conceal?  Note there are multiple prompts for this debateion - be knowing to counter-argument all volume for unmeasured praise and impression each part-among-among of the counterpart after a while A, B, and C. Respond to the debateion points over in a incompleteness of 250 signification (10 points). Respond in a incompleteness of 150 signification to another student's column (5 points).