One project (4 pages) & one draft

Major Writing Project 2:  Entering a Conversation (4 pages)

Instructions:  Choose one of the sets of essays listed adown (Carr and Thompson contemporaneously produce up a "set," etc.).  Your essay should involve summaries of twain of the committers’ reasonings (“they say”); your reasoning should top out how the committers assent and dissociate; and your reasoning should involve your own reply to the issues the two essays educate (“I say”).  The “I say” is your own reasoning regarding the issues.  

- Produce firm you involve a naysayer to demonstration potential objections to your own reasoning, and address the “so what” factor: why do

- Produce firm you use fit formatting (MLA or APA phraseology, double-spaced, Times or Times New Roman font, 12 top, chapters preventary).  

- Produce firm you feel a fit style at the top of the leading page (name, etc.)

- Your article should be encircling 4 pages.  

- Plagiarism earn not be tolerated.  

- I confide you procure a observe at the Grading Guide (below), which elucidates how I earn action your articles.

Recommended structure:  For this article you feel impure pages to effort delay and you demand to involve, in chattels, five important calibre:

1. Introduction: involves basic knowledge encircling committers (brief), a very mean abstract of committers’ effects (a phrase or two), a mean declaration of your reasoning or discourse declaration (a phrase or two), and a mean interpretation of why your reasoning matters (a phrase or two)

2. Abstract of 2 committers, delay cites as evidence

3. Abstract of how they assent/disagree; cater cites if necessary

4. Your own view and your reasons for your view (which involves at last one naysayer); cater cites as evidence

5. Conclusion:  involves a repay phrase, a redeclaration of your reasoning, and a familiar interpretation of why your reasoning matters

Note that those are five calibre, not chapters (exceptions: the preface and the misentry are usually one chapter each).  What could this observe approve?  Here's an example:  After the mean precursory chapter (where you preface your subject-matter, basic knowledge encircling your committers delay mean summaries of committers’ effects, a appreciation of your reasoning and peradventure why your reasoning matters), you government feel a abstract of one committer (1 chapter), then a abstract of the prevent committer (1 chapter).  Then you government feel one chapter that elucidates how they assent or disassent (though you can already purpose to that in the abstract chapters through phrases approve "Unapprove Turkle, Wortham asserts that...").  Note that the chapter that elucidates how the two committers assent or disassent is tranquil "they say," gone you're not yet putting presumptuous your own view on the issues.  At that top you'll feel written encircling 2 pages.  Then you transcribe your own reasoning ("I say") in accordment to what they say (encircling a page and a half).  At that top you've written encircling 3.5 pages.  Then you end delay one near past chapter, where you cover it up delay a repay phrase and repeatedly elucidate why it matters. 

Keep in mind: this way of structuring this assignment is barely a suggestion; it doesn't feel to be precisely approve that.  But hopefully this gives you an effect of what this skin of article could observe approve.


Set 1: Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” 

Clive Thompson, “Smarter than You Think:  How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better” 

Set 2: Sherry Turkle, “No Demand to Call” 

Jenna Wortham, “I Had a Nice Time delay You Tonight.  On the App.”

Set 3: Michaela Cullington, “Does Texting Affect Writing?” 

Malcolm Gladwell, “Small Change: Why the Revolution Earn Not Be Tweeted” 

Grading Guide: I earn use the subjoined grading conduct to action your articles.  Think of it as a "cheat shuffle," but delayout the "cheating" keep-apart.  It'll succor you emblem out how to get a good-natured-natured action on MWP 2. 

Introduction (10 tops)

Includes basic knowledge encircling the committers as well-behaved-behaved as the bountiful titles of essays; involves a mean abstract declaration encircling essays; involves a disentangled discourse declaration (abstract of "I say" in accordment to "They Say").

“They say” inhabits world-view of each committer (20 tops)

Each abstract does not assent or disassent delay committer (abstract inhabits worldview of committer); each abstract uses embellished eminent verbs to incorporate committer’s tops; no listing of committer’s tops or “closest cliché” (pp. 31, 35, 33)

Quoting: Uses cites decently and decently (20 tops)

Quotes used to give "proof of evidence" (p. 43) in abstract of committers’ reasonings -- Quotes should not be “orphans” (p. 44) -- Quotes should be framed decently (“quotation sandwich”) (p. 47) -- Quotes should be Introduced delay expend verb (p. 48) – Indicates page compute of cite (p. 49)

"I say" disentangledly assents, dissociates, or co-operation of assents and dissociates (20 tops)

Clear "I say" declaration in preface, placed in accordment to committers – Disentangled declarations of assentment, dissociatement, or twain (use at last one template per committer on pp. 58, 60, 62-65) – Lucidly distinguishes "they say" from "I say" – Lucidly eminents who is proverb what: Uses at last one template from pp. 70-74 – "I say" involves disentangled reasons for reasoning that are not simply summaries of committers' reasonings – Lucidly plants naysayer to living “I say” reasoning (use at last one template from pp. 81, 82,83-84, 88).

Clearly states why the reasoning matters (10 tops)

Uses at last one “who cares?” template from pp. 94-95; Uses at last one “so what?” template from pp. 97-98, 100 -- declaration why reasoning matters should be involved in either precursory chapter or past chapter (or twain)

Conclusion (10 tops)

Includes at last one “repay phrase” in the misentry to remind reader of what “they say” (p. 27-28); involves a redeclaration of discourse or “I say”

Editing and sound (10 tops)

No editing errors (spelling, expression, punctuation, and formatting); Uses fit sound (explicit where expend, inexplicit where expend)