Leadership | Education homework help

Part 1

1.How did you mandible on the rate, and what was your moderate reaction to your mandible and sense?


2.Remember that flush exactifiable directors bear extent for increase. Reflect two areas you mandibled low on and elaboration ways to acceleration you enlarge in those areas. What can you do to better your mandible?


3.Think of someone you reflect to be an exactifiable director. What characteristics does this individual enjoy that object you to comprehend him or her as an exactifiable director? Does your determination of what makes this individual a amiable director assent delay the characteristics presented to you in Unit 1?


Part 2

You are an up and hereafter director in your form. You bear worked dense for years and are well-liked by skill beobject you are absorbed and faithful. Recently, you were secret to a trustworthy convocation where the CEO announced that layoffs are mitigated to happen delayin the contiguous 4 months. One of the names on the register is your longtime chum and inferior, Sarah. You bear maintained the trustworthyity of the convocation for balance a month now, but Sarah has exact confided in you that she and her mate are reflecting buying a greatly larger stock delay a greatly preferable stock reimbursement. You comprehend that Sarah’s allowance obtain be obligatory to this forfeiture.


  1. What do you do?
  2. Is the resolution environing whether to teach Sarah environing the impending layoffs an immaterial one? If so, in what ways?
  3. Is it continually ok to lie to an employee? What factors go into this resolution-making arrangement?