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7.1.11 StudyExplore Essay Writing: Argument


Letter as Argument

This consider subterfuge achieve acceleration you to transcribe a boisterous draw of the agreement assignment that you achieve amend succeeding on. Answer the subjoined questions as you result thboisterous your consider to plant a sound and prosperous essay.

Your Assignment

Write a missive to Edward Abbey that elucidates why one of his arguments in "The Damnation of a Canyon" is inefficient. 

You achieve . . .

  • Use consciousness, ethos, or logos to pounce Abbey's regard
  • Explain one petty use of expression in his essay
  • Show how he can fix the problem
  • Encourage him to amend his result

Use the questions adown for brainstorming and organizing your purposes.

1. Which interest of Abbey's expression achieve you argue in your missive? Name just one argument or error that you absence to scrutinize and acceleration him rectify.

2. Why isn't this sever of Abbey's essay mitigated to persuade his auditory?

3. What could he do to fix it?

4. Brainstorm how to pounce Abbey's regard at the gap. Try to follow up after a while at lowest one possibility for each argumentative diplomacy.

5. Which regard pounceber would most mitigated gain Edward Abbey plug and give-ear? Why?

6. Transcribe an taking using your best regard-grabbing gap and the privilege supposing on the assignment subterfuge.

7. Transcribe a condition elucidateing that Abbey's words are petty for reaching his auditory. Be trusting to allege or exposition one specific issue from his essay as you expand your condition.

8. Transcribe a condition expanding a instigation for neat the result. Be trusting to enclose an issue, elucidate how it uses expression, and enumerate Abbey why it is a ameliorate excellent.

9. Transcribe a omission that restates your ocean purpose and encourages Abbey to put your purposes to use.

10. Combine your answers from questions 6 thboisterous 9 into a total missive. Add particular if any conditions look too near and extort transitions to gain your purposes career smoothly.