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Homework is due by tomorrow, December 25th @ 8:00 pm New york duration. It is one monograph and confutation to life topic (not wide 100 opinion for life confutation)


Based on balbutiation of the Greenfield Venture or Acquisition Section on paragraph 13 and 14 fixed,  on pages 434-438, your Assignment is to harangue the aftercited in your monograph




  1. Discuss the pros of twain options (acquisitions versus Greenfield ventures) for Zip-6
  2. Discuss the cons of twain options (acquisitions versus Greenfield ventures) for Zip-6
  3. State your valuable of options to hunt and your reasons for this valuable.

This is the attach to primal scenario:


Respond in a incompleteness of one page in APA format to this Assignment.



Journal topic 

Perhaps the most telling purport into the United States is oil! This Life Activity asks you to discuss the aftercited synod disembodiment site:


Go to website of The U.S. Disembodiment Notification Administration, then go to the “Sources & Uses” at the top of the website, prime “Petroleum”, then scroll down to the “Energy in illiberal boundarys” on the left artisan bar and cull the boundary, “How resting are we on alien oil?”

After balbutiation this notification and the “Learn More” attachs at the groundwork of the web boundary, life your thoughts and impressions in 100 opinion.