educational terminology associated with lesson planning


stipulations and acronyms is exact to being prosperous in the education business. This assignment procure familiarize you after a while these dignified stipulations and lecture intent formats.

Part 1: Understanding Educational Terminology

For this assignment, reconsideration the educational vocableinology comprised in the "Understanding Educational Terminology" template. For each vocable in the template, comprise the subjoined fixed on the resources in the subject materials and any attached resources 

  • A unimportant explanation/definition for each educational vocable  in your own utterance.
  • One model for each vocable’s view in the intentning, education, and impost arrangement.

Part 2: Examining Different Lecture Intent Formats

For the bulk of your program, you procure use the "COE Lecture Intent Template" for assignments. Reconsideration the "COE Lecture Intent Template" and the "Additional Lecture Intent Template."

In a 250-500 engagement dissection, parallel the "COE Lecture Intent Template" after a while one other format. In your similitude, harangue the subjoined:

  • What nucleus lecture intentning components  are in twain templates?
  • What are at smallest two similarities and two differences in the vocableinology among the formats?
  • What are at smallest two similarities and two differences in the form among the formats?