Counseling psychologist in a state prison


Prior to preface achievement on this discourse, content learn the aftercited required declaration:

  • “Relations Between Inductive Reasoning and Deductive Reasoning”
  • “The Effect of the Environment (Real and Virtual) and The Personality on the Speed of Firmness Making”
  • “Decision-Making Theories and Models: A Discourse of Rational and Psychological Decision-Making Theories and Models: The Search for a Cultural-Ethical Decision-Making Model”
  • “Seven Basic Steps to Solving Immaterial Dilemmas in Special Education: A Decision-Making Framework”
  • “Looking for a Psychology for the Inner Rational Agent”

Play the disposed in the aftercited scenario and exercise immaterial principles and functional standards of firmness-making to your rationale and actions:

  • You are a counseling psychologist in a particularize prison. You own been counseling a new occupant, and he confided in you that one of the other occupants has implied he is regarding suicide. He does not disclose the call of the other occupant and refuses to dialogue any prefer environing the progeny. Consider the aftercited steps in your firmness-making process:
    • Define the substance.
    • Explore the alternatives.
    • Consider the consequences.
    • Identify immaterial considerations.
    • Determine how you would diminish prejudgment in your firmness-making process.
    • Explain your firmness.

Using misspend citations and references, interpret how the tentative elaboration and presumptive models presented in the assigned declaration hint the consequence of exerciseing firmness-making strategies in one’s own usage. Support your discussion delay tentative elaboration.