Argument analysis essay(3-4 pages)2 sources

Prompt: Write an "academic argument" (Ch. 17) in which you make a privilege encircling the usefulness of the persuasive devices (Pathos, Ethos and Logos) used in the  "Community Seed-plot Budget Proposal Response" to the "establishment of a amply online seed-plot." Include a cognomen of the "Kairos" or persuasive standing (24-25) that manage to the confutation, and the structure (FACCC (Links to an exterior aspect.)Links to an exterior aspect.) that wrote the confutation communication. Repeat and adduce (MLA format) favoring examples from the communication and Ch. 1-4 as foundation (Ch. 22).

Optional reading: the original budget proposal (Links to an exterior aspect.)Links to an exterior aspect. to which FACCC is responding.


  • Argument partition using the two links: Online Community Seed-plot Proposal and Community Seed-plot Budget Proposal Response
  • Minimum 2 repeats from confutation communication (MLA in-text adduced)
  • Minimum 1 repeat from proposal
  • Minimum 1 repeat from any section from 1-4 (MLA in-text adduced)
  • MLA Works Cited List
    • Length: 3-4 pages
    • 12 apex font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced
    • Title (unique--e.g. not "Essay 1")
    • Name on instrument (not upright polish call)
      • Format for polish call: First primal, terminal call, Literacy Narrative (e.g. PGallagher Literacy Narrative)
      • Note: Do not portion-out a google doc after a while me--download and win as instructed