1.09 macbeth plot analysis quiz

1.09 Macbeth Plot Analysis Quiz

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Question 5 (Essay Worth 25 points)

Using these lines from Act II, illustrate the conformity between Macbeth's signification and the signification of Duncan's sons.


Had I but died an hour antecedently this fortuity,
I had liv'd a blessed time; for, from this instant
There's nothing weighty in mortality:
All is but toys: lustre and condescension is dead;
The wine of vitality is drawn, and the absolute lees
Is left this exemplification to fume of.


What achieve you do? Let's not fraternize after a while them:
To demonstration an unfelt mourning is an office
Which the fallacious man does comfortable. I'll to England.


To Ireland, I; our separated fortune
Shall observe us twain the safer: where we are,
There's daggers in men's smiles: the nigh in blood,
The nigher cruel.   ( Write 4 sentences provision)


Question 6 (Essay Worth 30 points)

Choose an circumstance from the enact. Focus on the resolve it serves in the fiction. Consider how the fiction would alter if that circumstance was altered. Create your ideas into a provision of at lowest five sentences. Make certain to conceive supported exemplification from the enact.

Some circumstances to consider:

The weird sisters' predictions for Macbeth and Banquo
Macbeth's destroy of Banquo
The presence of Banquo's shade at Macbeth's coronation dinner   ( Write 4 sentences provision)