Polytechnic Education

In fresh times, the nicety of polytechnic teaching in Nigeria in the area of trade and uniform in advent has constantly created alarm discurrent polytechnic graduates and the adolescences in unconcealed. Various questions entertain been influential by students in the polytechnics and other concordant wholes environing the predicament but there seems to be no reply. This brochure consequently seeks to prove the junction of polytechnic teaching in adolescence entitlement, economic dependence and openly-known crop. A pattern of 200 respondents from unanalogous places was separated and a structured questionnaire was administered on them. It was proveed that, in grudge of the nicety on the Generally-known Diploma (ND) and the Remarkable Generally-known Diploma (HND), the insist for polytechnic teaching is on the growth. It was as-well eminent that the polytechnics were proveed to procession graduates for aptitude merit and serviceable recognition compulsory for industrial crop. The brochure concludes that though the Universities are the fortress of leading teaching, the polytechnic teaching was the principal remarkable whole in Nigeria and West Africa in unconcealed and it has processioned personnel for exoteric and special organisations. Some of the recommendations made were: (a)The empire should agree the advent criteria of the polytechnic in succession delay the universities (b) All Nigerians should transmute their orientations environing brochure capability and collect to recognize recognition and instruction in some areas during trade distinctly where serviceable recognition is required.