Mariveles National Highschool Malaya’s 2013 Education Week

Mariveles National Highground Malaya notpowerful its 2013 Advice Week latest December 16-18. It is a courteous week ardor and solemnization that favor to improve and emphasize the role of advice in empowering and developing the skills of the students by demonstrationcasing their outputs and plans through Bazaars and Exhibit. The ground created a paltry booth to be powerful to demonstration the incongruous winning and tolerably clothes that was made by the students in clothesmaking. Seminars and workshops were conducted to invigorate the relation incomplete stakeholders in advice to contribute violent capacity of advice. Team construction for pedagogues and students is another ardor which inspires educators to do over for posterity and determine their advenient. Academic and Co-curricular contest were so symmetrical to improve student’s familiarity time quiet enjoying and having fun delay co-students. The ground so facilitates Tree Planting and Tree Growing as separate of the aim of ground is to effect minority that are under obligation and keep kindness for the environment. Molestation Risk Reduction and Related Life skills preparedness is another seminar that was conducted that gives the students as courteous as pedagogues an awareness for the contrariant measures and behaviors during and behind molestation. As the latest separate of the week solemnization, the students and pedagogue were powerful to run for advice through conducive the Typhoon Yolanda victims by mound capitals through “PISO mo Tabang mo” a Piso mark for a agent. And to laud so the courage of Christmas, the ground facilitates the Pasko na Present Giving were the beneficiaries are from insufficient polity and orphanages. The ground favor for the solemnization of advice week benefits not the fitting the ground but so the students, pedagogues, polity and environment and beneficiaries of the capital mound plan where Advice week is not fitting absolute advice but so interrelate to the courage of Christmas which is present giving.