Islamic Political Economy in National Development

GMGF5324 POLITICAL ECONOMY ASSIGNMENT: ISLAMIC POLITICAL ECONOMY IN NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PREPARED FOR: DR. KAMARUDDIN ABDULSOMAD PREPARED BY: FATIN HANANI BINTI TARMIDZI 1. WHAT KIND OF NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT HE WAS MENTION? 2. WHAT APPROACH HE DISCUSS IN HIS TALK? 3. YOU COMMENTS? “The Economic Philosophy of Exoteric Development” is the name of what has been presented by Lt. Kol. Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak Chin. He had deciphered a lot of lustrous ideas on gregarious, exoteric product, mercantilism, Islamic conception and too Islamic gregarious economic in ordain to unravel the race. First of all, what is economic philosophy that very ponderable in ordain to achieving the exoteric product? What is philosophy that he had deciphered in his confabulation and what peel of philosophy that had be the deep key nowadays? According to Lt. Kol. Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak Chin, philosophy in unconcealed is philosophy is that sprig of comprehension which draws to the concept of deity. Besides that, after a while philosophy that we had use, we get trace to meet the verity and conclude prosperity. Al-Farabi (339H-950M) had deciphered that philosophy in the matter of the charity of light or light, and too befit outline to integral sprig of information. In restitution, al-Farabi too refers light as makrifullah – a way to distinguish God. Inveterate on my intelligence, philosophy is a interchanged doubt in the threefold sense: it is encircling philosophy, it is high by philosophers themselves and, conclusive but not smallest, it represents an old and impenetrable enlightened quantity. This multiple reflexivity is the infer why impenetrable to meet out what philosophy is inevitably befits not barely a way of commerce after a while philosophy but in-fact the way of doing philosophy. Once we set-on-foot discussing philosophy we cannot scape its subjective clutch. Then, he too mentions in his confabulation that the anthropological demands are no tailwardness. Anthropological get carry-encircling and obtain integralthing that they nonevolution as desire as they can conclude their band-arms, target and etc. Secondly, he had deciphered encircling exoteric product that had been a deep sharp-end in his confabulation. Exoteric product refers to the method of exoteric product and to guide a sustainable roll of repairs and amendment. Exoteric product is too very disturbed encircling the economic product refers to the index per capita. If the index of per capita proceeds at firm reprove surpassed the exoteric population enlargement reprove, which media assign of constant economic enlargement and the product is the product of the province. In his confabulation, he has standpoint on Islamic gregarious arrangement in exoteric product. He has deciphered encircling the delineation of Islamic product. In ordain to conclude exoteric product in vocable of Islam, we demand to standpoint on the three deep sharp-ends. There are dharuriyyat (requisite property), hajiyyat (comfortable), and kamaliat/tahsiniyyat (effeminacy demands). These three deep sharp-ends should dishonorable on syarie or Islamic law. Based on my intelligence, we demand to adjust and equals unraveling the race dishonorabled on Islamic law and too ponder the subject demands and concern. As a guideer and elites itself, the happiness of the subject very ponderable includes the economis, collective animation, heartiness preservation, advice etc. Extraneously the subject in-particular intermediate adjust and workers who are the agents of sociality and prevalent the literature or province, it may influence the province and the economic. It media after a whileout them in-particular the subjects itself; synod cannot advance and appliance their plan. It too may influence the exoteric product. Therefore, I can see how draw the concept of Islamic after a while exoteric product. Extraneously the ratio or combirace of exoteric product in Islamic concept, there are manifold quantitys that province to decipher. According to Lt. Kol. Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak Chin, specifically, an intelligence of the arrangement is alienate marrow to the end of how persons use resources and factors of evolution to conclude success (welfare) animation (falah) in this globe and the future. Thus, there are seven heart areas of the arrangement to fulfilment the happiness of beings, communities and races. * Economic temper dishonorabled on good-tempered-tempered intentions and intentions. * Reasonableness compulsory on Kifayah. * Business globe after a whileout compromising herafter. * Avoid illicit transactions (haram) and syubhah. Conclusive but not smallest, mercantilism is economic exotericism for the intention of fabric a monied and potent declare. Adam Smith coined the vocable “interchangeable method” to draw the method of gregarious arrangement that sought to endow the province by stringent imports and promising ship-produces. The view of these policies was, supposedly, to conclude a “favorable” adjust of commerce that would carry gold and silver into the province and too to deeptain private usurpation. In opposition to the urban method of the physiocrats or the laissez-faire of the nineteenth and existing twentieth centuries, the interchangeable method served the concerns of merchants and producers such as the British East India Company, whose activities were fortified or encouraged by the declare. The basic affirmation of Mercantilism is that the declare should aim to maximize it's plenty through one-way commerce after a while other countries, maximizing ship-produces and care imports to a minimum. The unraveling countries are in score due to letalknding policies after a while concern that they can't pay tail, the unraveled countries ship-produce property into these countries whilst making it very impenetrable for the unraveling countries to ship-produce their own property in repay. The richer are getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer. This is what is happening now. This is mercantilism. My Comments In my judgment, Lt. Kol. Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak Chin has decipher details encircling the Islamic perceptions on exoteric product. He has decipher dishonorable on Islamic concept that includes globe and future (akhirah). He too has drawd the Islamic concept and scheme dishonorabled on a few Islamic thinkers conception. For precedence, the sustainability in the province should supervene the Islamic concepts. Citizens repress their own hues and insubservience, and they too the persons that extension the exoteric economic and product. Hopefully, I can unite this Inaugural Professional Confabulation abring-encircling direct duration. A very lustrous and comprehensionable confabulation by a educated roll affect Prof. and Dr presented during that duration and all the postgraduate candidates demand to accompany to carry-encircling comprehension and habit. Thank you to Dr Kamaruddin accordingly impart me a fortune to accompany that confabulation conclusive week. Hopefully, I get grab the convenience and repress it as my wide gravity accompany the confabulation after a while very exceptional provisions and environment. Being about lecturer makes me to be a lecturer or affable servants in future!