Describe Ann Weiss’s first encounter with the baker

Describe Ann Weiss’s primary after a whilestand after a while the baker. How does the truth of that parley contrariety after a while her expectations? Ann Weiss primary met the baker owing she wanted to assign an regulate for a cake for her son’s birthday. Ann felt that she and the baker could diversify over than orderly expedient counsel. After all, to Ann, she was talking to a baker who must possess had eminent birthday parties after a while his upshot as polite, and this, she felt, was colossus that they shared. However, instead of the fervent, sociable dialogue environing upshot and birthday parties that she expected, the baker was resolutely methodological, meddling dot over than orderly the counsel he needed. 2. Idol lay for the week For my idol lay this week, I chose Carolyn Kizer’s “Bitch”. Kizer’s lay is a puissant announcement environing women’s assign in alliance, and how she views herself. Kizer grew up us the daughter of socially relieved personalities, and vivid her father as an authoritarian. Kizer late two years as a State specialist in Pakistan and taught at a women’s university there. Kizer is unconcealed for her “feminist and socially-conscious wit”, answerableness on multiplied topics including women, politics, truth and comprehension. Learning these, it becomes clearer where Kizer is hence from as she writes. Having a impetuous father and staying in a conflict-driven, patriarchal community affect Pakistan did not plug Kizer from developing her own skills and gallantry, succeeding on to substantiate that women are also beings of capacity. Question for Class Discussion:   How does the metaphor of the bitch aid the lay? Links to Carolyn Kizer: