Exam questions on Data Management

An intranet is an inner secret unshut formal network that can cater mode to facts despite the act, artful using Internet technology and tools, and aenjoy to the internet through a firewall. Intranet is a municipal LAN (persomal area network) or WAN (extensive area network) and it can lean on one of them or twain. It is built on exoteric lordship clear rules, users, interfaces, contact plummets and netafloat plummets. An unconcealed rules plummet for messages is required such as TCP/IP (the transmission administer protocol/ internet protocol). Intranets arose consequently companies realized that intranets offered separeprimand benefits balance oral notice rules. A pre-eminent use of intranets has been to cause on-line repositories of notice that can be updated amply as repeatedly as required. Product schedules, employee handbooks, telephone directories or benefits notice can be revised exhibitly as diversifys arise. This "event driven" publishing allows forms to accord further firm to changing conditions than oral tract-established publishing which requires a exact genesis schedule. Made conducive via intranet, muniments frequently can be up-to-date, eliminating tract, printing and disposal requires. Intranet is unconstrained to tool and to use. Establishing an intranet is proportionately sincere technologically weighty. Most race are proportionately household after a while using the concept of a web browser. Besides, the hardware, softstaple and message facilities required for constructing a municipal intranet are proportionately uncostly and the recur of siege is grater than their require as they procure growth the productivity. Conservative studies of recurs of siege (ROIs) from intranets pomp ROIs of 23% to 85% and some companies bear reported ROIs of further than 1,000%. Finally, it is scalable and ductile. A municipal intranet is amply developed after a while diversifys in claim and use, and the adaptions in it are proportionately unconstrained to close. (b) Evaluate the undeveloped for the use of internet technology after a whilein the Jeff Lloyd Convenience Capital forcible below: (10 marks) With compliments to our occurrence, incongruous stamps of intranet such as messages, integrating and schedule ones could administer further profession mode electronically and augment the formal exercitation. The messages one procure qualify the convenience capital to converge its site after a while other forms' sites for notice sharing; for specimen, instead of displaying the promotional materials environing the nucleus or mailing them to their members, sales and marketing staff cappower use the intranet to track-manage-oversee and coordinate the activities of their sales vehemence after a whilein the similar form or in collaboration after a while incongruous ones. Latest promotions, updates in pricing, rebates, and notice environing customers or competitors can so be made conducive after a while the utilization of the intranet. Additionally, pre-eminent responsibilities of ethnical instrument branch embrace care employees cognizant of union issues and providing notice environing employees' memorials and benefits. Ethnical material can use intranets for online publishing of municipal manuals, job postings and inner job transfers, union telephone directories and grafting classes. The integrating intranet procure cater the casualty to the convenience capital to alter from the status of having a bulky sum of notice rules/ message rules after a while incongruous interfaces to a dishonorable (browser) interface. The decided procure bear for specimen booking rule, staffing rule, finance and accounting rule, sales and marketing rule, and ethnical material rule through the integrating intranet. This procure outcome in increasing the mode. Additionally, the schedule intranet is advantageable for the union if yearning to cater mode to bulky schedule of advantage notice. In this occurrence, factsdishonorable required to efficiently wield bulky volumes of facts. Besides to that, the union needs a web page in which they can use a dynamic rule for booking online (datadishonorable in the web page) by utilizing new technologies. The underlying facts plummet is very main as it needs to accommolimit all of the diversified advantages stamps to be embraced. Finally, the extranet would be salubrious for the union too. Extranet is an intranet that is so unshut in multiply to authorised race from delayout the organisation. Diversified rolls of modeibility caterd via username/password mechanisms. The multiplyicular organisational network would be salubrious for good-natured-natured multiplynerships betwixt professiones. For occurrence, if the convenience capital involve a bar, then they could use the extranet for their suppliers for the personal equipment and for financial transactions too. The schedule intranet would qualify the convenience nucleus to exhibit their advantages to their members. These incongruous stamps of Intranet could cater deep set of tools for creating collaborative environments in which the members of the form can communicate-coordinate and augment collection decision-making rectify by exchanging ideas, sharing notice and afloat conjointly on dishonorable plans and assignments unobservant of their corporeal subsidence. These tools embrace email, fax, language mail, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, facts conferencing, collectionware, colloquy rules, newsgroups and team staple. Managers can purpose employee resumes, profession plans, and municipal regulations and procedures; they can repair sales facts, repurpose any desired muniment and insipidter a convocation. (c) Discuss the contrarietys betwixt static and dynamic web pages. (8 marks) The main contrariety betwixt static and dynamic web pages is that the resigned in the static web pages doesn't diversify gentleman the HTML finish which defines the page it is diversifyd. Whereas, in the dynamic web pages the resigned is generated each season the page is modeed. Responds to user input from the browser for specimen by recuring facts from a factsdishonorable interrogation. Additionally, dynamic pages can be customised. Finally, there are inspissated ways of integrating web pages after a while factsbases. These are the forthcoming: Active Server Pages/ActiveX Facts Mode Objects ASP allows dynamic, interactive web pages to be caused on a web server general IIS (or PWS ) In this individuality we little communication some of the facilities conducive to blend factsbases into the web environment. Microsoft Mode caters 3 magicians for automatically generating HTML pages established on boards, queries, forms, or reports in the factsbase: Static pages: After a while this mode, the user can ship-produce facts to HTML format. This is the a basic readiness after a while the manifest disrecommendation that the HTML page can instantly beseem out of limit and needs to be regenerated every season the dishonorable board diversify to stay popular. The page uses plummet HTML and can be used to after a while any browser. The user has some administer balance the manner of the web page through the use of the HTML templates, finishs that endure of HTML commands describing the page's layout. The templates can be used to introduce union logos, graphics, and other elements. Dynamic pages using Active Server Pages. After a while this path the user can ship-produce facts to an "asp" finish on the Web server that procure abundance the ASP finish. * Dynamic pages, using facts mode pages. Facts mode pages are web pages frisk promptly to the facts in the factsbase. Facts mode pages can be used enjoy Mode forms, save that these pages are abundanced as superficial finishs, rather than after a whilein the factsdishonorable or factsdishonorable plan. Although the pages can be used after a whilein Access, they are comprehensively purposed to be purposeed by a web browser. Facts mode pages are written in dynamic HTML, an production of HTML that allows dynamic objects as multiply of the web page. Unenjoy ASP finishs, a facts mode page is caused after a whilein Mode using a magician or in Drawing purpose employing divers of the similar tools that are used to cause Mode forms. (a) Give a brief style of your interpretation of the account On-Line Analytic Processing. On-Line Analytic Processing is the dynamic organization, dissection, and agreement of bulky volumes of multi-dimensional facts, Codd (1993). OLAP is a account that describes a technology that uses a multi-dimensional purpose of drift facts to cater swift mode to strategic notice for purposes of advanced dissection. (Codd et al, 1995) Furthermore, it qualifys users to execute a deeper interpretation and acquaintance environing diversified aspects of their municipal facts through firm, endureent, interactive mode to a extensive diversity of feasible purposes of the facts. OLAP allows the user to purpose municipal facts in such a way that it is a rectify plummet of the gentleman extentality of the act. While OLAP rules can amply counter-argument "who?"and"what?" questions, it is their power to counter-argument "what if?" and "why?" stamp questions that distinguishes them from general-purpose querry tools. OLAP qualifys decision-making environing forthcoming actions. A regular OLAP circumspection can be further multifarious than barely aggregating facts. Hence, the stamps of dissection conducive from OLAP concatenate from basic navigation and browsing (slicing and dicing) to circumspections, to further multifarious analyses such as season succession and multifarious plummeting. OLAP is a mode of denoteing multi extental facts. In a notional factsdishonorable the facts is held in a insipid finish, an OLAP cube can reexhibit this facts in a multi extental format (b) The forthcoming board gives a roll of the wealth for 2001 for a personalty administerment union which has offices in incongruous multiplys of the UK. The facts is the outcome of a 3 province interrogation in a notional factsbase. How could this facts be denoteed in a multidimensional factsbase? The power to reexhibit multi-dimensional purposes of municipal facts is heart fitness of construction a "realistic" profession plummet. A multi extental purpose of facts caters the basis for analytical modeing through ductile mode to municipal facts. Furthermore, the underlying factsdishonorable drawing that caters the multi-dimensional purpose of facts should bargain all size resembling. In other say, the factsdishonorable drawing should: 1. not swing the stamps of operations that are lawful on a absorbed extent or the reprimand at which these operations are performed; 2. Enables users to analyse facts despite any extent at any roll of conservation after a while correspondent functionality and contentment. 3. Support all multi-dimensional purposes of facts in the most voluntary way feasible. OLAP rules should as considerable as feasible disguise users from the syntax of multifarious queries and cater endureent response seasons for all queries no substance how multifarious. In our occurrence the wealth facts can fit into a three-province notional board, so-far, this facts fits considerable further naturally into a two-dimensional matrix, after a while the size entity city and season (quarters). What incongruousiates the fitnesss for these denoteations are the queries that the end-user may ask. If the user barely poses queries enjoy "what is the completion annual wealth for each city?" then this involves retrieving multiple values and aggregating them.