Relationship between continental drift and the formation of the Earth’s Oceans

1) Explain the similarity between continental direction and the construction of the Earth’s Oceans? -The similarity between continental direction and the construction of the Earth’s Oceans stems from platter change-of-place that occurred on Earth. There is a supposition that all the continents were unintermittently all one big faction of fix named Pangaea, and balance millions and millions of years the fix of Pangaea established to disunite secretly into manifold divergent continents. It disjoined Panthalassa, the catholic global deep that enveloped the supercontinent Pangaea, into manifold divergent deeps instead of harmonious one big one and now we entertain manifold different deeps encircling the cosmos-people. 2) How did volcanoes seek the origins of the seas? -Volcanoes seeked the origins of the seas owing manifold gasses are released during a volcantic discharge including steep exhalation. Steep exhalation was the deep partner to where the first deep steeps originated from. This is owing the steep exhalation condensates following nature gassed out of the volcanoes, unintermittently the conciseness occurs then colony is created. 3) Describe the hydrologic cycle as if you were a tittle of steep going through it. If I were a tittle traveling though the hydrologic cycle I would nature by unarranged on top of the deep and soaking up the suns warmth, sloth following absorbing the warmth I would hoist up into the air as steep exhalation. Following chilling in the sky for a dirty bit I would invent a fine misty sombre outdo to sit internally and besides unintermittently it got too liberal I would sink tail onto the foundation as a snow layer on to a lofty mountain. Following trusting on the mountain all wane unintermittently flow came concurrently I would colliquate off the behalf of the mountain and into a lake.