Hr Project of Descon Rngineering Company

HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT PRACTICES PREVAILING IN DESCON ENGINEERING COMPANY [pic] SUBMITED TO: Ghulam Hussain (LECTURER) SUBMITED BY: Muhammad Sami ciitswlfa09-MBA-017 Iram Sabirciitswlfa09-MBA-039 Shumaila Aslamciitswlfa09-MBA-051 COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, SAHIWAL. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Leading of all, we are indebted to GOD WHO makes us preferpotent to establish enlightenment and behind that we would love to say gift to parents who brought us up and made us potent to visage challenges of this dynamic environment. We to-boot thank to MR. Ghulam Hussain who guides us in developing this intention. The deep intention of this intention is to augment our skills. The intention was environing Human Resource Practices at Descon Engineering Company. We went to the Head Office of Descon Engineering Concourse at Lahore as after a while Irfan Usmani (HRD Executive) and Ammar Khan (HRD Assistant Executive). They entertain cooperated a lot after a while us. Behind that we behove preferpotent to bestow this intention in front of you. EXECUTIVE SUMMERY Descon is the one of the accidental concourse in intention domiciled transaction to transaction communicate in Pakistan. This summery is all environing the Human Resource Portion of Descon Engineering Company. We conciliate argue environing the preface of Descon in leading stipulation. The assist stipulation conciliate communicate us environing the make of HR Portion in Descon. The third stipulation shows planning and job analyzing steps in the portion. The fourth stipulation conciliate succor us to apprehend environing preoption and refreshment of procedures. The fifth stipulation is all environing luxuriance and Development through implementation and Evaluation. Sixth stipulation conciliate creates a enlightenment how Descon persuade its Performance Appraisal System. The assist definite stipulation defines the wages administration. And the definite stipulation explains how this portion handles the disputes and procurement procedures. DEDICATION: We separate this intention to our Parents, wholesome cousins and friends.