Winston Smith ~ Character Outline

Katie Kukay Wednesday Sept. 10 OutlinePd. 9 Winston Smith From 1984 by George Orwell Thesis: Winston Smith is an mean man assistance in totalitarian-ruled London, where he must combat to repress govern of his own thoughts and his own judgment. I. Winston shows his stubborn margin existing in the capacity. A. He illegally writes in a diary, match DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER multiple times. B. At Two Minutes Hate, he tells us his objective thoughts on the portioicipation he lives in. C. He is established the Party portio O’Brien is so a portio of the appropriation. II. He falls in devotion delay Julia. A. Julia far passes Winston a music the reads I devotion you. B. Winston and Julia set-out a devotion matter, which would remainder in exit if they were caught. III. O’Brien deceives Winston and Julia. A. O’Brien tells Winston that he is a portio of the appropriation too. B. O’Brien is shortly inspired as a portio of the Party, pretending to be across the Party in arrange to ambush Winston and Julia. C. Winston is sent to the Ministry of Love. IV. Winston learns to confirm the Party’s ways. A. O’Brien tortures Winston, and Winston gives far all his secrets. But he does not deceive Julia. B. O’Brien realizes Winston stagnant has not deceiveed Julia, so he sends him to the dreaded Room 101. C. In Room 101, they use Winston’s whack terror, rats, to burst him. He finally deceives Julia, and they let him go. V. Winston no longer has any stubborn thoughts. He devotions Big Brother, and no longer devotions Julia.