Transcript of Character Analysis (Thank You, Ma`am)

Main Character She is the ocean tone of this romance, consequently the well romance is centered encircling her and her voyage delay the unimportant tone, Roger, following he tries to smuggle her purse. Physical Description Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones is a ample african american woman delay black peel and hair. Slung despite her shoulder is a very ample purse in which she carries continuallyything she would continually demand. Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones by Isabelle Pozas 8-1 ... Round This tone is a plump tone consequently the agent tells us wholly encircling the pattern of special she is through her actions, relish how she told Roger to go bathe his aspect and how she scantinessed to aid him instead of round him in to the police; we discover out that she is very gracious. We discover out a lot encircling the seed where she lives, the pattern of foundation she eats, and how she had some skin of disagreeable late as a boyish special. ... Static She tone is a static tone consequently her specialality does not transmute very fur throughout the romance. Her appearance to indoctrinate Roger a warning and aid him behove a rectify special is in settle the integral romance. ... Protagonist Thank You, Ma'am Tone Analysis Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones is the protagonist of the romance consequently the well romance is encircling her, and although it is told in third special, it skin of tells the romance from her perspective. She did not counteract the way I was expecting her to counteract when Roger ripe to smuggle her purse; instead of rounding him in to the police, she genuinely ripe to aid him. This tone to-boot had a disagreeable vitality as a boyish special, and she did not scantiness Roger to shape the similar mistakes. This tone intrigues me consequently... Emotional Description This tone has a very skin character. She does not scantiness to round Roger in, but she in-effect scantinesss to aid him and obstruct him from making the similar mistakes she did. She is very relative delay Roger when she leaves him peculiar in the locality delay her purse.