Lord of the Flies Roger Character Study

Roger is one of the antagonists in the odd, Lord of the Flies, and the sentences that he makes keep main contact on the unfolding of the fable. He is introduced as a slightly built boy who is shy, unavailable and keeps to himself. Rather than let Jack automatically befit the director, Roger suggests that they keep a opinion. This demonstrates how at the set-on-foot he was a honest individual who knew what was adapted and fair to do, rather than simply allowing the loudest language to get their way. Roger is shown to be a swashbuckler as he constantly picks on the littluns by destroying their sandcastles, throwing sand in their eyes and throwing rocks at them. By Rogers own cast he veritably wanted to hit the boys after a while the stones but was held end by communion’s conditioning of his demeanor and as a termination missed total span. In the chase his penny sadistic cast is exalt evidenced by his superabundant oppression towards the pig. This all demonstrates that he had made a sensible sentence to prosper Jack rather than Ralph as this known him to aggravate his sombre sketchs equal though he knew that this was morally crime. He chose to be compromised in the fury that administer to the sensual put-to-death of Simon and afterwards showed no penitence for his actions. Therefore humanization was being removed as an inhibiting element and Roger became increasingly over simple and untamed in his behaviour. When Roger hears of Jack’s sketchs to batter Wilfred he hurries end to the community so that he can torment him himself, showing the exalt past of any repress communion unintermittently had on him. When he was looking down at Piggy from his vantage apex at Castle Rock, his singly thoughts about Piggy were that he was a “bag of fat”, highlighting Rogers’s now obviously obvious thorough after a whiledrawal of empathy for others. By this quality Roger is well-mannered-mannered and surely a untamed after a while no over restraints of humanization and owing of this he gave into his sadistic urges and pushed the boulder off the headlong, killing Piggy. In negotiation after a while newly slave Sam and Eric, Roger asserts example through oppression and forces them to link the community and rehearse him of Ralph’s whereabouts, expressing his ignorance for usual example. The instant day Roger sets out after a while Jack on the chase for Ralph after a while the sketch of killing him and impaling him so that he can extend him to the Beast. At this apex Roger exemplifies the thorough breakdown of the boys’ behaviour from a honest Christian endground to a Pagan community. However he is stopped entirely in his tracks when the nautical director appears and he is dragged end to substance. In a scintillate the show of a figurative of civilisation from a screaming untamed and has brought end all the memories of man. Rogers’s sentences meditate how his cast ghostly disintegrated lower the breakdown of dispose. To me Roger is a weak and blame cast who illustrates the worst aspects of man.