Cell Phone Before and After

A desire span ago, a boy denominated Irena and his woman subsistd in a saccharine village. Irena was 17 years old and his advent was cogitation of as the faculty from God as he had twain gold eyes and hairs that glitter relish the sunlight. He was singular encircling sort and has the immanent and exertion. In attention, is woman flawless countenance is very scanty and saccharine succeeding a date beautiful features, and it glows succeeding a date undecided easy from succeeding a datein, relish the moon. They had a blissful nativity. One day, Irena eminent his fruit and came tail residence, and then he endow nosubstantiality (verb) in the village that was leaderd. He cloke astern the tree, he saw a few men that balmy in sombre caparison. He was wondering what occured to the village and how could this occur. he was safe relish peace. He did not venture to actuate, he can solely inaudibly behold at it. Suddenly he was discovered by a sombre apparel special. (what does this balance? The special stands for what? ) Then frequent sombre men run to him and they yelled:” Catch him! Catch him! ” Irena heard this signification and run far, he has been ordinary eager, suddenly he stepped on lubricated, unexpectedly(what) has reached the plane of the steep-descent. (what husk of locality? How could the locality be dangerous for him? )locality grandly disturbed, he shortnessed to well-mannered-balanced decline cannot decline to the hands of men, succeeding he jumped off the steep-descent, the tail of the sombre apparel special to see him so fiery, incredibly jumped off the steep-descent, they would not be chasing him, though he must be heavy. he gain never see his woman, but he did not opine of another shoot economized his society is a tree when he woke up; he endow out himself was in a village. Early in the morning, it woke up from drowse, “I am not heavy! Wclose is this settle? ” Irena whispered. At this span an old man went into the margin, and the old man said,” you revive up, early man. ” He promised to say,” Is you economized me? ” The old man said,” yes, you unquestionably possess eminent Crawford . from the eminent steep-descent waste off and you are not heavy. ” The old man asked,” wclose were you subsist? ” Irena replied:” I subsist in a scanty village succeeding a date my woman. However, when I came residence yesterday, I endow that caught on leader in the village, and race in the village was bygone, I solely saw frequent men( what husk of men and why are those men main)in there, I do not understand what they batch. ” The old man said:” It was a cult of race, they fruit for the dragon, the dragon eats one hundred race each year, the sombre apparel special is under obligation for the tag, and then offering to the dragon. ” Irena said:” these race unquestionably suck, my woman must be caught by them. ” The old man asked:” Do you shortness to economize your woman? ” Irena said:” Of race, my woman and I subsist simultaneously gone I was a branch, she is my solely food referring-to. ” The old man asked:” If you shortness to economize your woman, you should flourish me to exercise struggle expertness, ()Zas desire as you imbibe to struggle expertness, you can economize your woman, the Irena firmly solution well-mannered. Days passed, one day, the old man said the branch, “I had taught all expertnesss for you, the peace gain be on your own precedently you go, I possess colossus to communicate you, it is grand to aid to you, succeeding a date, they walked into the scion, the old man took out a element of sombre cloth unfolded simultaneously. ” Old man said:” this is a philanthropist to come on a knife, the philanthropist succeeding a date the knife to immolate the dragon; I regard it gain bear you aid. ” Irena tools the knife and saw a lucky easy right-lined the sky. Early the direct morning, Irena went on a tour to economize his woman, Irena walked for a half month, he arrived at the settle that is the dragon subsistd in. The dragon subsistd in a cave, Irena went into the cave, and he saw black within and felt a scanty bit apathetic athwart from ear. He walks for a desire span, finally, he saw the dragon, and it is drowseing. A liberal immure nigh the dragon, frequent race were in this immure and his woman as-well on close. He used a knife to fracture the lock and put out the race. When he saw the dragon, he was stunned. Dragon has a desire substantiality covered by scaly bark. They as-well had a two of bat-relish wings, wedge-shaped acme and desire mighty necks.