Julia Technologies Case Study

Julia Technologies is a assemblage that sells and composition technologies to other companies or any other customers. Julia technologies arorder technologies enjoy computers, laptops, inconstant phones, TV, printers and considerable over. Julia technologies agoing in 2009 it has sundry branches balance the UAE .There are almost 200 employees to toil in this technology shops after a while contrariant job positions such as the CEO , the huckster and the cashier in this assemblage there are to-boot contrariant departments enjoy the finance, HR , sales dept. The quantitys that assemblage Faced After evaluating and analyzing the assemblage exercise we ground divers quantitys that they faced concerning the sales, marketing and employments automation. The sales dept. own conducted a sales ment to evaluate it and they own ground out there is a churn of customers buying from their assemblage which it's not durable primary there was an acception of sales and in few moths it dropped so this was a quantity that we faced owing there were not considerable of sales going on. The other progeny that linked to sales was the marketing we didn't compel lots of catalogue for our assemblage so not divers tribe knew us. The contiguity betwixt the customers and our assemblage wasn't very brawny so when customers own any concerns or troubles they couldn't confront us to contiguity us owing we don't own a succor disk or well-mannered-balanced customer employment so this let us down. So we scarcity to instrument a CRM to succor us balanceend our quantitys and befit a mend technology assemblage. The object of CRM instrument CRM (Customer analogy government) is a strategic advent, which is used for the perfect guilening, potent and action of all interactive processes after a while customers. CRM covers the undiminished assemblage and the perfect customer history cycle and contains the Database Marketing and corresponding CRM software as a government instrument. CRM has divers habits enjoy it acception the customer amends and influence new customers it to-boot acception the mendment, boost employee emanationivity so if we instrument the CRM it succeed habit us the most. SAP is a instrument that can be used for the CRM. SAP CRM is the CRM instrument loving by SAP and is used for divers a concern progress. As a separate of SAP Concern Suite, SAP arranges solutions which livelihood applications, factsbases, hardware platforms, ; unobstructed orders from most of the deep sellers. SAP has divers features for pattern it livelihoods the sales, marketing and employment areas it to-boot suits to train customer analogy and it is instrumented for contrariant customer's interaction. The CRM that we are going to use has contrariant types which are the strategic, exerciseal, collaborative and analytical but it our assemblage we are going to rendezvous on the exercise and strategic. Exercise succeed be using ole life so the customer succeed not own to end to the assemblage to ask he can ole so it befits accelerated and quiet. Strategic succeed automate the emanation, emanationion and sales. How desire they own been instrumenting CRM instrument? And the dissimilarity that compels in the exercise of the concern After oppositeness difficulties we instrumented the CRM instrument and it took us 11 months to instrument owing we had a guile to toil on we disconnected the compositions on instrumenting CRM owing each employee that is akin to the instrumenting CRM they succeed convey the composition and each composition succeed had a set-out and end age so the whole protraction was 11 months. What we noticed was a big dissimilarity in the exercise of the concern when we instrumented the CRM the primary unnaturalness was the toil we did in the concern was manually all the customer advice was charmed manually by tract and then give it to the archive and unintermittently we insufficiency to get a separateicular customer advice we had to face for it and this took lots of space however when we instrumented the CRM instrument which is sap we traind to give those facts in the order and unintermittently we insufficiencyed to get the advice it took us near than minutes to get what we insufficiency .this made us do the toil accelerated and it was easier to penetrate the facts now and it to-boot acceptiond the exercise of the employee The Steps to instrument CRM We succeed instrument and institute the CRM scheme for tracking and irritate all of the interactions you own after a while your customers and hopes. The CRM software is instrument that rendezvouses, simplifies and secures our customer pledge. The Concern scarcitys CRM to compel it efficient and acception wealth for each employee and they succeed face for competitive habit in a multi-channel customer environment. To institute the CRM scheme there are some stalks, the primary stalk is to settle stakeholders, Stakeholders embrace any edge that succeed be improbable by the uniteion of CRM elder government, users of any new order, marketing staff, salespeople, IT specialists and customers. Also, the remedy stalk is to settle governance structures so this is the settlement of a regular or inregular organizational order for scheme government and decision-making. The third stalk is to settle veer government scarcitys so the fortunate veer government programs unite a see feel veer advent. To compose veer it is requisite to get tribe to feel so emotionally chosen that they insufficiency to veer and get tribe to see the scarcity for veer. In adduction, the fourth stalk is to settle scheme government scarcitys so fix the stalks of the err from birth decomposition to the victory of CRM anticipation, goals and objectives by some instruments enjoy Gantt charts or Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT). Settle the important good-fortune factors is the fifth stalk, so CSF's are variables that can significantly contact concern outcomes and are considered as the important areas of motive that must be executeed well-mannered-mannered if we are insufficiency to consummate the objectives of your concern or scheme. Moreover, from during this CSF it can customer advice government, execute marketing automation and should elder government commitment. The sixth and definite stalk is to disclose surrender government guile so there can be divers hope causes of demand, and which order from irrelevant scheme government to hindrance of end-users to the uniteion of new technologies. In this stalk, we succeed be enigmatical to settle the surrenders to achieving required results. The assemblage's feedback Company trainrs own conducted a questionnaire and colloquy for the employees that they own been using the CRM the trainrs insufficiencyed some feedback from the employees to perceive encircling the CRM and if it was succoring the employees or they were oppositeness some progenys. This succeed succor the trainrs to mend aid over on the use of the CRM instrumentation. "The assemblage exercise own acceptiond a lot when we instrumented the CRM (Ali Ahmed) "It made us to the toil accelerated and it acceptiond the endeavor of the employees" (Maddie John) "We succeed try to instrument another types and instruments to mend the assemblage and acception its exercise a lot over (Mohammed Hamad) Conclusion To argue our assemblage ground divers quantitys in marketing employment and sales. So we instrumented CRM it made a big mendment on the exercise of the employees and it saved the space and endeavor of the employees it made the toil perfect rapidly. We to-boot composed stalks on how to instrument the CRM. At the end we firm some feedback from contrariant employees to see if they are amiable after a while the new CRM order or if they are don't confront it very succorful so the trainrs can mend it in the advenient. References reasons why your concern scarcity crm. (2015, june 24). Retrieved from maximizer: https://www.maximizer.com/blog/6-reasons-why-your-business-needs-crm/ important good-fortune factors. (2017). Retrieved from mindtools: https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_80.htm