4 Ways to Establish Transparency in Your Business

We all bear our own rendering of hometown heroes. As an entrepreneur, domiciled in Atlanta, I could call as some of mine several local entrepreneurs igneous a order for the pause of us -- delay twain their company’s financial good-fortune and their start. One such entrepreneur is Kyle Porter, CEO of , which succors salespeople acception qualifed demos and appointments. Related:  We subsist in a culture that glamorizes entrepreneurs, but we casually heed the stories of labor or exposure. I've public Porter past precedently he was the CEO, end in the days when he was growing SalesLoft from no proceeds to eight figures in inferior three years.  “I've been an entrepreneur and seller past I sold narrative pins to Olympics fans in Atlanta's Centennial Park in 1996," Porter recently told me. "In 2011, I met delay David Cummings, one of the top software entrepreneurs in Atlanta, and we firm to found software to succor salespeople get more knowledge about their buyers so they could buy their prospects delay more pastrity."  This is how Porter's CEO fiction began: “In the primary year of SalesLoft, we waste horizontal on our countenance," he said. "We burned up a lot of important and literary a lot of lessons. After a whole systems reboot in 2013, we've been telling to found one of the fastest growing and most good-fortuneful SaaS companies in vocation. During the reboot, we literary the energy of heart values, and they've guided us constantly past."