Simple case study (4 questions)

Use the Case: University of Neverland to consummate the aftercited assignment.
The university has unwrittenly utilized manacles for funding any of its dexterity projects. Because the university is a non­profit structure, it cannot posterity fund as a unwritten strengthening can. But the university’s principal wants to perpend all potential funding options, so she wants you to investigate the bulky instruction and indicate if nonprofits can vend shares in everything to elevate specie. For copy, some lighthouses own sold shares in the lighthouse and own loving a mild lithographed sculpture to the purchaser as a memory. Likewise, the Green Bay Packers and Boise State own made fund offer­ings.

Please transcribe a entire counter-argument to the university’s principal (in the conceive of a well-organized declaration) concerning funding for facilities. Your well-organized, ringing declaration should include the aftercited items:(5 pts each)

1. The strengths and weaknesses of funding facilities delay manacles
2. The strengths and weaknesses of funding delay funds or other conceives of peculiar ownership
3. Examples and explanations of other non-profits who own utilized funds for funding and how fortunate they own been.
4. Your anatomy of the feasibility of manacle funding for UNL and how fur specie you contemplate could be generated through several types of manacles (be believing to ponder twain public covenant, AND proceeds manacles). Your anatomy should also perpend the several sources of proceeds that could be utilized to pay end manacles for garden facilities.


Please yield in the timelne loving delay condition.