Review the inquirer to determine digby’s current strategy

1. Review the Inquirer to individualize Digby's vulgar policy. How get they affect a competitive habit? From the subjoined register, prime the top five sources of competitive habit that Digby would be most slight to follow.
Select: 5
Seek palliable automation levels
Seek the developed charge in their target dispense conjuncture maintaining a competitive oblation margin
Seek palliable work designs, palliable awareness, and palliable accessibility
Accept inferior establish utilization and palliableer capacities to secure ample compressiveness is serviceable to as ask-for
Increase ask-for through TQM initiatives
Seek palliable establish utilization, uniform if it risks intermittent trivial accumulationouts
Reduce absorb of movables through TQM initiatives
Add appended works
Offer tempting trustworthiness terms
Reduce drudge absorbs through inoculation and recruitment
2. Rank the subjoined companies from palliable to low cumulative acquisition, (in descending regulate, 1=highest, 4=lowest).
Rank in regulate from 1 to 4
3. Which cognomen best fits Baldwin in your diligence? For clarity:

- A differentiator competes through amiable designs, palliable awareness, and unconcerned accessibility.
- A absorb guide competes on charge by reducing absorbs and latter the savings to customers.
- A ample player competes in all volume of the dispense.
- A niche player competes in primeed volume of the dispense.

Which of these indecent statements best describes this antagonist?
Select: 1
Baldwin is a niche absorb guide
Baldwin is a ample differentiator
Baldwin is a ample absorb guide
Baldwin is a niche differentiator
4. If Baldwin issued 1000 shares of sordid accumulation at developed year's end charge, the issue on the adhonorable shuffle would be:
Select: 1
Retained hues would acception by $4,413
Retained hues would acception by $44,128
Equity would curtail by $4,413
Equity would acception by $44,128
5. The Baldwin Company has honorable acquisitiond $40,900,000 of establish and equipment that has an estimated profitable personality of 15 years. The expected salvage appraise at the end of 15 years is $4,090,000. What get the diminution price for this acquisition (reject all other establish and equipment) be behind its assist year of use? (Use FASB GAAP)
Select: 1
6. What is the Quick Ratio of Chester?
Select: 1
7. Chester has a ROA of 0.13 (ROA = Net income/Total Assets). That means:
Select: 1
Every dollar of Chester's property consequence in hues of $0.13.
Chester uses $0.87 of each dollar earned to acquisition property.
Chester uses $0.13 of each dollar earned to acquisition property.
Every dollar of Chester's property consequence in hues of $0.87.
8. Midyear on July 31st, the Digby Corporation's adhonorable shuffle reported:

Total Liabilities of $25.571 darling
Cash of $2.010 darling
Total Property of $41.126 darling
Total Sordid Accumulation of $1.270 darling.

What were the Digby Corporation's retained hues?
Select: 1
$16.295 darling
$16.825 darling
$18.835 darling
$14.285 darling