Conch republic electronics is a mid sized electronics manufacturer

Conch Republic Electronics is a mid sized electronics creator located in Key West, Florida. The aggregation principal is Shelley Couts, who ancestral the aggregation. When it was founded balance 70 years ago, the aggregation originally repaired radios and other frank appliances. Balance the years, the aggregation expanded into manufacturing and is now a estimable creator of uncertain electronic parts. Jay McCanless, a late MBA graduate, has been remunerated by the aggregation's finance province.One of the main revenue-producing parts unnatural by Conch Republic is a indivisible digital auxiliary (PDA). Conch Republic popularly has one PDA standard on the dispense, and sales entertain been praiseworthy. The PDA is a matchless part in that it comes in a difference of tropical colors and is preprogrammed to denote Jimmy Buffett voicelessness. However, as delay any electronic part, technology changes speedily, and the popular PDA has poor features in similitude delay newer standards. Conch Republic open a prototype for a new PDA that has all the features of the strong PDA but adds new features such as cell phone aptitude. The aggregation has productiond a dispenseing consider to mention the expected sales figures for the new PDA.Conch Republic can production the new PDA for $200 each in inconstant costs. Fixed costs for the exercise are estimated to run $4.5 darling per year. The estimated sales tome is 70,000, 80,000, 100,000, 85,000, and 75,000 per each year for the present five years, respectively. The part charge of the new PDA achieve be $340. The certain equipment can be purchased for $16.5 darling and achieve be depreciated on a 5 year straight-line list.Net working consummate investment for the PDAs achieve be $6,000,000 the primary year of exercises. Of round NWC achieve be recovered at the designs end. Conch Republic has a 35 percent municipal tax admonish and a 12 percent required requite.Shelly has asked Jay to provide a narration that answers the forthcoming questions:(A) What is the IRR of the design?(B) What is the NPV of the design, inveteobjurgate on the required admonish of requite of 12%?