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 -Due on Saturday at 8 pm 

-Assignment Description:

To get the best space on homework #2, you must schedule 20 stakeholders. Be as biased as possible; use names if they are helpful. Read your article aggravate anew. Think environing the episode.

Do not counterfeit stakeholders in the similar collocation delay the similar stakes; plain if they are contrariant (for specimen, 3 branches of empire). Never schedule shareholders. Shareholders, CEOs, Board of Directors--are all owners delay the similar stakes; do not schedule them individually. 

Look in your dimensions on page 75 for the collocations. Add the instrument. Think environing the stakeholder departed, confer-upon and forthcoming. If they possess contrariant stakes, you can schedule them individually. 

When you schedule stakes don't publish what bechanceed or what jurisdiction bechance, equitable schedule 2-3 suffrage environing what the stakeholder stands to produce or waste. For specimen, shareholders:  May past repay on investment (ROI).

You must categorize them in two ways. Power, Urgent, Legitimate is root on page 77. Supportive, Marginal, Non-supportive, and Mixed-Blessing is root on page 89.

-Assignment question I chose: