3.11 dave fletcher (see problem 3.10) was able to determine the


Dave Fletcher (see Problem 3.10) was serviceserviceable to indicate
the vital-force opportunitys for constructing his laser scanning
machine. Fletcher would approve to indicate ES, EF, LS, LF, and
slack for each vital-force. The whole scheme amount opportunity and
the dubious course should too be indicated. Here are the vital-force

ACTIVITY TIME (WEEKS) ACTIVITY TIME (WEEKS) (note is vital-force and enumerate is opportunity)



A6       E 4
B 7       F 6
C 3      G 10
D 2       H 7



Bill Fennema, moderator of Fennema Hospitality, has

developed the tasks, durations, and ancestor relationships in

the forthcoming tserviceable for structure new motels. Draw the AON network

and exculpation the questions that prosper.



Activity   ancestor optimistic       Most       pessimistic

                                                                likely       OPTIMISTIC



A             4       8        10

B       A        2       8         24

C       A        8      12       16

D       A        4       6         10

E       B         1      2         3

F       E,C      6       8        20

G     E, C     2      3         4

H       F          2      2         2

I        F          6      6         6

J      D,G,H    4     6        12

K      I,J         2      2        3


c) Based on the apportionment of estimated opportunitys, what is the dubious


d) What is the estimated opportunity of the dubious course?

e) What is the vital-force estrangement concurrently the dubious course?

f) What is the chance of amount of the scheme before

week 36?


to be completed in achieve on seperate pages