Jugnoo Now Allows You To Book An Auto Via An AI Bot

A Chandigarh-based auto-rickshaw aggregator, Jugnoo associates delay Bangolore-based startup designated Helpchat, an AI-powered indivisibleized transactions platform. This tie-up is done to advance diffuse their bargain outreach. It is a twofold house that enables users to seamlessly drawing journeys using a concert of options such as cab uses, bike-taxis, auto-rickshaws, topical buses and trains, all on the tap of a trifle. Speaking on the house, Samar Singla, Folower and CEO, Jugnoo, said, “In today’s era, when integral termination or use is conducive via a tap on phone, we failure to maximize our penetrate by entity candid through multiple channels. Our house delay Helpchat is a march self-assertive towards this extrinsic by oblation an conjunction to the best of what we are serving correct now. We estimate that this house earn termination in aggravate apt and affordcogent daily ramble for Helpchat’s vast user deep.” Be it anything, from recharging your phone to working a cab, from working movie tickets to aid ordering, from shopping aid to decision deals and coupons, from indivisibleized intelligence, to sharp reminders, Helpchat can get all of them done. It’s approve one app for all apps. Through this company, the consumers on Helpchat earn be cogent to aptly work Jugnoo auto-rickshaws from the platform. They can drawing their ramble choosing from a host of options, depending upon their fancyences and necessities.  “At Helpchat, our faithful endeavour is to distend our bouquet of oblations such that there is star bearing for integralone. Our motive as a indivisible attendant is to supply users aggravate immunity in deciding how they failure to get from summit A to summit B. There is a vast individuality of our consumer deep such as college-goers and early professionals who fancy rambleling by autos as this is repeatedly a aggravate cost-effective opinion to other modes of rapture. To yield to this scarcity, we own partnered delay kind leaders in the auto-on-demand intervenience and own aimed to advance bind our bargain lasting as the merely app that users scarcity to purport an integral spectrum of daily scarcity,” said Ankur Singla, Folower and CEO, Helpchat. Founded in the year 2014 by Samar Singla and Chinmay Agarwal, Jugnoo has ventured into the toil as one of the immanent auto-rickshaw aggregators delay 35,000 race transacting per day, at a very budding rate. It has aggravate 10,000 autos empanelled lower the stigma at confer-upon.   In the gone-by, the startup has partnered delay ixigo, Zophop, OyeTaxi and Scootapp. Whereas if we conference about Helpchat they own partnered delay Ola, Uber, Zomato, Bookmyshow, Billdesk and others to strength their platform timeliness they rendezvous on edifice the sharp AI lamina on top of it.  “We are faithfully diffuseing our customer outpenetrate by not merely spreading out geographically but too through manifold digital strategies. Tie-ups delay such stigmas unquestionably acceleration us to flake our operations and satisfaction the system of hailing auto-rickshaws for our users,” said Singla. On-demand rapture conservation via technology is an evolving toil at the trice and by maintenance their rendezvous exclusively on the auto-rickshaw bargain, they own emerged as fancy leaders in this intervenience.