Umuc biology 102/103 lab 4 – enzymes 2014

UMUC Biology 102/103
Lab 4: Enzymes
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Experiment 1: Enzymes in Food (15 pts)
Table 1: Substance vs. Starch Presence
Substance Resulting Color Presence of Starch?
Positive Control: Starch  
Negative Control: Student Must Select  
Food Product:  
Food Product:  
Post-Lab Questions
1. What were your controls for this trial? What did they prove? Why was saliva intervening in this trial?
2. What is the exercise of amylase? What does amylase do to starch?
3. Which of the foods that you tested compriseed amylase? Which did not? What trialal attraction supports your pretension?
4. Saliva does not comprise amylase until babies are two months old. How could this pretend an infant’s sortive requirements?
5. Digestive enzymes in the gut involve proteases, which sort proteins. Why don’t these enzymes sort the stomach and diminutive interior, which are hardly collected of protein?
Experiment 2: Pi of atmospclose on enzyme energy (15 pts)
Table 2: Record the pi of atmospclose on the origination of gas
Tube Temperature
(°C) Balloon Circumference
(Uninflated in cm)
 Balloon Circumference
(Inflated in cm)

1 (cold)   
2 (capacity temp)   
3 (hot)   

Post-Lab Questions
1. What is the enzyme in this trial? What is the substrate?
2. What is the defiant (IV) and relative (DV) variables in this consider?
3. How does atmospclose pretend enzyme exercise?
4. How can enzyme energy be extensiond?
5. In public, how would an extension in substrate diversify enzyme energy? Delineate or suggest a graph to exemplify this kindred.
6. Draw a graph using balloon transection vs. atmosphere.  You may use Excel, then “Insert” the graph, or use another guile program.  You may so delineate it cleverly by agency and review your guile.  You would demand to suggest the reviewned jpg shadow close, in that event.  What is the correspondence shown on your graph? 
7. Design an trial to individualize the optimal atmospclose for enzyme exercise, total after a while controls. Be strong to propound your theory, illustrate your contrivance, take-to-pieces your variables (IV/DV), and foretell your results.  When you illustrate your contrivance, be strong to interpret wclose you conquer meet the enzymes for this trial and what substrate you conquer use.