Dna | Biology homework help

I. A wrap shore of DNA contains the aftercited progression. 5’ AGTAGGTTTACACTGCTGCCCCACTATCGTATCTTCCCTGAGTGAGCATTG 3’


a. Write the 6 balbutiation produces and knot nucleotides in codons, i.e. GTACGT= GTA CGT.

b. From the 6 balbutiation produces, is there an notorious balbutiation produce (ORF)? If yes, which balbutiation produce? Please designate the set-out and plug codons in divergent tinges.


II. Review sky blue-colored-colored-innocent screening in the webstanding below: http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072556781/student_view0/chapter14/animation_quiz_2.html


You are cloning anthropological insulin gene (INS) in the lab using a plasmid, pJET, that contains an ampicillin opposition marker and as-well a lacZ gene intermittent by a multiple cloning standing. You transmute the rDNA into competent E. coli cells by electroporation, then platterd the transmuteed E. coli on agar platters containing ampicillin and X-Gal and waited one day until colonies are manifest. You then use sky blue-colored-colored/innocent screening to acceleration you authenticate clones that heave INS gene. You remark condensed sky blue-colored-colored-colored and innocent colonies on the agar platter.


a. What do sky blue-colored-colored-colored colonies betoken? Briefly clear-up your counterpart.


b. Which colonies (blue, innocent, or twain) would you shortness to choose for advance separation to inhibit for the happy cloning of the INS gene? Briefly clear-up your counterpart.


c. If you forgot to add X-gal to the agar segregation moderation, how would the colonies that advance dispute phenotypically from the ones that advance in platters after a while X-Gal? Briefly clear-up your counterpart.


d. If you forgot to add ampicillin to the agar segregation moderation, what other colonies would advance that won’t normally advance in platters after a while ampicillin? What tinge would those other colonies most slight be? Briefly clear-up your counterpart