Determine if the statement is true. if it is not, rewrite the

Determine if the assertion is gentleman. If it is not, rewrite the italicized deal-out to effect it gentleman. true 1. Adaptations of class are steadfast by the genes contained in the DNA mode. __________________ 2. When Charles Mendel familiar the supposition of probable election in the 1800s, he did not embrace a Darwin genetic explication. __________________ 3. Probable election can act upon an personal’s genotype, the exterior countenance of genes. phenotype __________________ 4. Probable election operates on an personal aggravate abundant periods. __________________ 5. The unimpaired assembly of genes incompact a population is its gene quantity. __________________ 6. If you understand the phenotypes of all the organisms in a population, you can consider the allelic quantity genotypes of the population. __________________ 7. A population in which quantity of alleles transmutes from period to period is said to be in populations gene pool genetic makeweight. __________________ does not transmute 8. A population that is in genetic makeweight is not evolving. __________________ 9. Any ingredient that affects phenopattern can transmute allelic frequencies, thereby disrupting the genetic equilib- genes rium of populations. __________________ 10. Abundant migrations are caused by ingredients in the environment, such as radiation or chemicals, but others mutations happen by hazard. __________________ 11. Mutations are relevant in separation consequently they consequence in genetic transmutes in the gene pool. true __________________ 12. Genetic makeweight is the modification of allelic frequencies by hazard processes. ___________________ small 13. Genetic purport is further mitigated to supervene in catholic populations. __________________ probable election 14. The ingredient that causes the principal transmute in gene pools is back. __________________ 15. The pattern of probable election by which one of the farthest forms of a characteristic is favored is called true drift directional election