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Life Is Ultimate Art



Life and Its Diversity:Ultimate Art or Ultimate Accident?



Life as Ultimate Art



The passage, “O you, who behold on this our machine, do not be sad that after a occasion others you are fated to die, but delight that our Creator has consoled us after a occasion such an justifiable deed as the intellect” was foremost unwritten by what huge scientist/philosopher?



Life as Ultimate Accident



What huge study did Charles Darwin mould from creation as a development of his lection and tour environing the universe?



List some organisms observed by Charles Darwin occasion lection and voyaging the universe.



Charles Darwin’s inspection of the office was that populations of a office frequently familiar new ____________ and frequently became over ____________.



Charles Darwin believed that undiminished new office sourceated as a development of populations of the selfselfsame office reproducing in two definite, detached ____________ and responding to those ____________ in irrelative ways.



Complete the subjoined passage describing how Darwin interpreted his studys of creation:Individuals after a occasionin populations____________ after a occasion each other for poor ____________; some of these men-folks earn ____________ reform than others.



List 7 features of Enlightenment thinking.



The promise ____________ represents a indicative speculation of how a office strength exexfluctuate after a occasion duration, inasmuch-as the promise ____________ takes that creation can beget undiminished new structures and organisms.



Can Spirit Originate after a occasionout Artistry?



Evolution’s Foremost Goal:The Smallest Cell



Compare Mycoplasma genitalium’s visible bulk after a occasion that of E. coli.



Compare Mycoplasma genitalium’s genome bulk (estimate of genes) after a occasion that of E. coli.



How was Mycoplasma genitalium discovered and what sketchations of contamination does it principle in humans?



Evolution’s Starting Materials:Small Geochemicals



Some possess speculated that the source of spirit occurred at geothermal vents.What is the height after a occasion the amino acids formed nigh these vents?



Evolution’s Highest Hurdle:Creating and Storing Information



Some scholars possess inspectioned RNA as the sourceal footing of notice storage in the archaic cell.One utility of this inspection is that RNA can twain store____________ and can act catalytically approve a(n) ____________.



Could RNA possess been the sourceal footing of notice storage in the archaic cell? List some difficulties after a occasion this possibility.



One height associated after a occasion evolving a regularity in which RNA bases rule for ____________ acids is that the set-right bonding of amino acids to tRNAs requires ____________ catalysis—mature proteins are needed to prepare making the foremost proteins.



Evolution’s Final Challenge:Spatial Ordering of Biological Activity



State Francis Crick’s speculation of directed panspermia.



Can Life’s Diversity Acception after a occasionout Artistry?



The Gap to Be Bridged:Invention of Novel Complex Structures



Describe 1 beloved evolutionary mould for the source of disappearance in vertebrates.Fliers must possess evolved from non-fliers that ____________ and then glided down from ____________.



List the names of some content structures of a important disappearance wreath.



Given its correct figure, what is the role of the barbule in the important disappearance wreath?



How does preening bearing empower a bird to remain to fly successfully?



During the formion of a wreath, a tube-approve ____________ appears as a development of coming collation events after a occasionin the dermal lamina of the wing exterior.



What is a basic evolutionary track needed to transmute a down-approve wreath into a important disappearance wreath?The wreath’s ____________ must be ____________ and reshaped to acceleration subsistence the bird’s importance.



Bridging the Gap I:Random Mutations in Archaic Wreath Keratinocytes



What are some new backs needed to breed delayhold structures for disappearance wreaths?(A back that matches barbule ____________ to the boundlessness ____________ wreath barbs.)



Bridging the Gap II:Natural Excerption in Archaic Wreath Keratinocytes



Distinguish the roles of back and intrinsic excerption in developing a reform organism.Mutation ____________ the genes, and intrinsic excerption ____________ the genes.



Natural excerption is an “expensive” arrangement.Explain what this resources in promises of the lives of the members of the population in which the excerption is occurring.



In what sketchation of environmental top is intrinsic excerption specially poor in its productiveness in preserving new propitious backs?



Define the turn “excerption hurry.”



“Natural excerption is cybernetically unaware.”It does not ____________ the structural hierarchies it is required to form.



Evaluation of the Naturalistic Hypothesis



Natural excerption is unfitted to “see” a new advantageous biological office occasion indemnifying a irrelative existing office.Is this a honorable proposition evaluating the intrinsicistic conjecture?If not, what is a reform one?



What Is the Product and Value of Evolution?



Mutations Harmful, Neutral, and Helpful



How does the sketch theorist come-to at the falsification that most backs occurring today are hurtful?What does he or she take to be penny of the patronage monstrosity in which the backs are occurring?



The intrinsicist also comes to the falsification that most backs occurring today are hurtful beprinciple the intrinsicist and the theist twain take that by now, the patronage monstrosity is a assemblage of extremely inter-related, well-behaved-behaved “crafted” regularitys.So, most backs occurring today would not subscribe to the arrangement of ____________.



List 3 generic systematizees of backs, each of which affects the evolutionary arrangement irrelatively.



Which systematize of backs gather suppressedly in the DNA, having no manifest issue on one’s ability to propagate?



How would a sketch theorist bound a advantageous back?



What is a Darwinist’s determination of a advantageous back?



What Does Creation Select?



What does stabilizing excerption do shapeless men-folks of a population?



Which sketchation of excerption can reject expensive men-folks whose sexuality is moderate among courageous and womanish?



Directional excerption propels a population phenotypically in a new ____________.



Which sketchation of excerption has been used to breed a paltry acception in the estimate of bristles on the thorax of flies?



What height arises when you long-for to see if orderal excerption could propel a population of archaic organisms internal long-promise exchange?



What height arises when you long-for to see if orderal excerption could propel a population of novel, internally-integrated organisms internal long-promise exchange?(A seemingly good-tempered-tempered exexfluctuate in one order, ____________.)



Adding in Revealed Truth



In the coming pages of the Genesis archives, how strength the foremost of three steps of spirit narrative best be pictorial?(Note the three perpendicular red arrows in Figure 13.63.)



Of the three steps of spirit narrative involved in the coming pages of the Genesis archives, which one appears smallest approvely to envelop any biological exexfluctuate in populations after a occasion duration?



How strength the third step of spirit narrative involved in the coming pages of the Genesis archives best be pictorial?



What turn does Romans 8 use to illustrate novel patronage organisms?